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DC/DC switching regulators

Industry-leading DC/DC conversion for any application

Switching regulators are the most efficient way to convert one DC/DC voltage to another. And across all non-isolated DC/DC topologies – buck, boost, buck/boost, and inverting – we help you innovate and differentiate your power supply design with the industry’s largest and most diverse selection of DC/DC converters, power modules, and controllers. 

What are you trying to do with your input voltage?

For almost any given input voltage and output current, we have a DC/DC regulator to meet your design requirements. And for most conversions, we also offers a choice of regulator types, from flexible DC/DC controllers to highly-integrated DC/DC power modules.

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We feature DC/DC switching regulator device portfolios and training content libraries specifically tailored to address common design challenges. Click below to discover the converters, controllers, power modules, and technical documentation that you need to satisfy your unique system requirements.

Wide input voltage

Wide VIN devices feature a maximum input voltage of greater than 30V and are typically deployed in nominal 12V, 24V, and 48V systems where high input voltage transients are common.

Low quiescent current

Switching regulators with ultra-low standby quiescent current increase light-load efficiency and extend battery life in portable and battery-operated applications.

Ease of use

SIMPLE SWITCHER® power converters are designed for ease of use from the ground up. Common features include high integration, low component count, and packaging with visual inspection capability.

High power density

Highlighted by the SWIFT™ power products and power module portfolios, these highly-integrated regulators feature high output current capability in compact, thermally-enhanced packaging.

FPGA and Processor attach

Your digital core craves an efficient power supply. Find the latest and greatest switching converters, controllers, and modules to power every rail of your FPGA or processor.

Low EMI and noise

Mitigating EMI and noise in your switching regulator design may be a challenge, but we are here to help with loads of training material and innovative ICs.

Featured products


Synchronous step-down converter with 1% output accuracy in 1.5-mm × 1.5-mm QFN package


6-V to 100-V input, 1-A synchronous buck DC-DC converter with ultra-low IQ


6A, 5.5V input step-down power module with MODE and VSEL option


Wide VIN automotive low IQ boost controller

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