Power management

Make every watt count using our isolated controllers and converters

Maximize power conversion with our comprehensive portfolio

AC/DC solutions

Maximize your AC/DC power factor and conversion efficiency with the smallest possible size using high performance PFC and flyback ICs.

Isolated DC/DC solutions

Maximize your power density with our easy-to-use active clamps, push-pull, LLC, half-bridge, full bridge, phase shifted full bridge, flybacks, and general purpose PWM controllers serving a wide power range.

Looking for other high-voltage solutions?

You're in the right place. From GaN to gate drivers, we enable you to do more with less power with end-to-end power conversion devices that deliver high efficiency, power density, and reliability.

Technical Resources

Our complete reference designs to help you quickly evaluate and customize your converter and controller needs.

Design, optimize and simulate complete converter and controller design solutions in minutes.

PDF guide that puts various popular power topologies used at your fingertips.

Search for any suppliers' offline and isolated DC/DC controllers and converters to find our similar devices by parameter.

Hard-copy book that will be your most engineer-friendly and comprehensive power supply design resource.

See our E2E™ technical support forums for your source to fast, verified answers and design help from our experts.