TDAx ADAS-SoCs – Anwendungen

TI bietet mit den skalierbaren und leistungsfähigen TDAx-Prozessoren für den Automobilbereich Lösungen für eine breite Palette von Fahrerassistenzsystem-Anwendungen (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, ADAS) an.

TI's broad product portfolio of Jacinto™ TDA ADAS SoCs offers many options for the surround view developer to build systems optimized for performance, power and cost while retaining the scalability.

TI’s TDA ADAS SoCs offer scalable compute options to the front camera system designer to choose a part that fits the compute needs of the system, in addition to optimizing power and system cost.

TI's Jacinto TDA ADAS SoC product portfolio offers processors with an industry-leading, integrated ISP that are designed to meet the stringent power and form factor needs of a smart rear view camera.

TI's Jacinto TDA ADAS SoC portfolio offers processors that integrate a best-in-class ISP and are designed to meet the image quality level and various configurations of camera monitoring systems.


TI's Jacinto TDA ADAS SoCs offers many options for the designer to develop fusion systems requiring high compute performance and rich peripheral interfacing for multimodal solutions.

Jacinto TDA ADAS automotive SoCs are designed to efficiently process the concurrent data from multiple radar sensors and offer a broad portfolio enabling a more tailored solution.

Automotive ADAS Applications

Die Evolution des TDA-ADAS-Prozessoren