Battery charger designer

Design battery charger solutions in seconds!

The mobile and hand-held revolution has made battery operated systems ubiquitous. They’re everywhere, from the mobile devices we carry, to medical devices and home appliances. These advanced batteries need sophisticated chargers.

The WEBENCH® Battery Charger Designer tool allows you to create the battery charger solutions that meet your needs. Enter the number of cells and cell capacity, type of charge source, charger current and voltage requirements and the right battery charger designs appear instantly. You can also filter your solutions further for features like USB input source, communications protocol, voltage protection, and more. Plus, you can re-configure your BOM, analyze the design using charts and the operating values table and export the design schematic and PCB into the CAD tool of your choice.


  • Input the requirements for the battery and system
  • Select & filter from the list of solutions based on your requirements
  • Design your solution and customize the BOM to meet your needs
  • Analyze your design and the operating values
  • Export the schematic and PCB directly into your CAD program and share with your team

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