Power for Xilinx FPGAs

Xilinx FPGA products represent a breakthrough in programmable system integration. The portfolio’s diversity allows you to select from an array of innovative solutions in an effort to meet your unique system needs. Utilize the tools below to find your power supply solution for the following FPGA families: Kintex® UltraScale™, Virtex® UltraScale™, Virtex®-7, Kintex®-7, Artix®-7, Spartan®-6, Zynq® Ultrascale+™ MPSoC, the Zynq®-7000 Extensible Processing Platform (EPP), and more.

Find the right TI devices for your Xilinx solution

Family Part Number Nominal Input Voltage

Pick a device for each Point-of-Load (POL) power requirement:

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Power Requirements Sequence #* Loads** Solution Options by Regulator Type
LDO Module DC/DC Converter Controller PMIC

Powered by WEBENCH® Power Architect

WEBENCH Power Architect suggests devices that meet the basic supply voltage and current requirements of the FPGA. Before picking devices for your design, refer to the FPGA datasheet for more detailed power supply requirements that must be met, such as voltage tolerances, power-up/down sequencing, AVS/DVS, and ramp times.

** Loads are grouped by output voltage and sequencing order.

† Linear LDO regulators dissipate power proportional to the voltage drop from input to output. Reduce LDO voltage drop and power dissipation by powering LDOs from an intermediate rail voltage that is closer to the LDO output voltage.