SensorAFE Designer & Sensor Designer Tools

SensorAFE Designer and Sensor Designer tools provide complete sensor circuit design for common sensing, transmitter, and transducer applications. You can start with an industry standard sensor or specify your own sensor requirements to create your own custom sensor. Sensor tools provide you with optimized signal path performance, bill of materials, budgetary cost, and links to evaluation boards and other tools for testing and validating your simulated solution.

SensorAFE Designer and Sensor Designer include technical specifications for hundreds of temperature, pressure and chemical sensors including products from Omega Engineering, Honeywell Sensing & Control, Tempco Electric Heater, All Sensors, and more.

These sensor solutions fit a variety of different applications including

  • Industrial process control,
  • Factory automation, monitoring,
  • Medical instrumentation,
  • Drug delivery systems,
  • High temperature furnace monitoring,
  • Weigh systems,
  • Barcode scanners
  • HVAC systems.

Sensor AFE Designer

For integrated LMP9xxxx Sensor AFE sensor circuit designs

Explore the capabilities of the Sensor AFE System before implementing in hardware. Prepare for offline development and evaluation by generating a register map that can be imported into the offline tool.

  • Become familiar with the development environment
  • Develop preliminary design
  • Save/export register map for offline tool

For more information about Sensor AFE ICs and evaluation boards:

Sensor Designer

For discrete (sensor + amplifier + ADC) circuit designs

Sensor Designer tool provides a complete sensor to digital serial output solution. Your design will include a sensor interface, excitation source, precision amplifier, and an analog filter. This is followed by a serial-output, ADC that has a resolution between 8- and 16-bits. The Sensor Designer software makes it easy to design and optimize your sensor path. Just click the sensor type that you are interested in below to start your design.

Thermopile Sensors as typically used in NDIR applications

LMP91050 – Configurable AFE for NDIR Sensing Applications

  • Programmable gain amplifier“
  • Dark Signal” offset cancellation
  • Supports external filtering
  • Common mode generator and 8 bit DAC
  • Ideal for NDIR Sensing, Demand control ventilation, Automotive CO2 cabin control, Alcohol detection
LMP91050 thermopile sensor
Example thermopile sensor schematic

Example schematic: Bridge sensor output is amplified by a 3-amp instrumentation-style amplifier. The amplifier circuit is driving a single-ended ADC.

How to use this design tool:

1. Explore & Learn

Click the blue Start Design button for your desired sensor type and choose a pre-loaded sensor, or enter a custom sensor to meet your needs. Then click the 'Create Design' button.

2. Compare & Select

Review the resulting schematic, bill of materials, performance summary, and other technical results in the Design Summary overview. Click on any of the displayed panels to review more advanced or detailed information behind each panel. You can modify design parameters or further optimize your design by selecting a different sensor, amplifier, ADC, or other system parameters.

3. Design & Build

Print a report to document your design or order evaluation kits, and other tools in the Documentation panel. You can then program your sensor board using the SPUSI2 Data Capture Board and Software.

pH Sensors

LMP91200 – Configurable AFE for Low-Power Chemical Sensing Applications

  • Programmable output current in temperature measurement
  • Programmable Output common mode voltage
  • Active guarding
  • On board sensor testIdeal for pH sensor platforms

Temperature, Pressure, Load, Force, & Other Sensor AFE Design withLMP90100 – Multi-Channel 24-bit Sensor AFE

  • Multi-channel Sensor AFE with a 24-bit Sigma Delta ADC core
  • Flexible, programmable mux (4 differential, 7 single-ended, or a combination)
  • Continuous background sensor diagnostics reduces downtime and improves system efficiency
  • Quick design and evaluation
  • Ideal for high-precision, multi-sensor temperature, pressure, load, and force applications
  • Industrial, process control, medical, and test & measurement applications

Chemical & Gas Sensor AFE Design with
LMP91000 – Micro-Power Chemical & Gas Sensor AFE

  • Single analog design for multiple gases and gas concentrations
  • Programmable cell bias and TIA gain
  • Integrated temperature sensor for external temp monitoring / correction
  • Quick design and evaluation
  • Ideal for micro-power gas and chemical sensing applications
LMP91000 chemical and gas sensor AFE

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