WEBENCH® Automotive Design Tools

Generate custom power supply designs within seconds!

WEBENCH® Automotive tools give designers the ability to design power systems for their automotive applications with ease by presenting only automotive-grade ICs in design results. All of the powerful and familiar WEBENCH features and capabilities are extended to the automotive realm, including the Optimizer Dial to trade-off key parameters like efficiency, footprint and cost. Access the full portfolio of passive and other external components, which need - additional verification for fully automotive-qualified designs, are also provided

  • SELECT the right automotive-grade parts for your system requirements
  • CREATE a design in seconds and visually optimize results for efficiency, size, and cost
  • ANALYZE your design by running electrical and thermal analysis right in the tool
  • EXPORT your optimized design directly into your CAD program

Accessing WEBENCH Automotive

To access the WEBENCH automotive feature, check the Automotive box within the Power, Processor FPGA, or LED tools.

Power Designer

Check Automotive to display only automotive-grade devices. Click Open Design to start your design

Power Architect

Check Automotive to display only automotive-grade ICs. Click Submit Project Requirements - to creat your power project

LED Designer

Check Automotive box to display only automotive-grade devices. Click Open Design to start your design