Instantly download your custom WEBENCH® designs directly into your CAD tool

The WEBENCH® Export option will take any WEBENCH power design that is enabled for export and convert it on-the-fly to leading CAD development platforms. Designers can export board layouts, simulations and schematics immediately from their custom designs created online in the no-cost WEBENCH Designer or Architect platforms directly into their CAD software, eliminating errors and saving design time. WEBENCH Export users can open a design in their software just as if they spent days or weeks creating it natively.

WEBENCH Export allows the direct download of dynamic WEBENCH designs into leading CAD environments in minutes.

Key WEBENCH Export features:

  • Export makes designers more successful and faster to market than their competition.
  • Create and optimize a custom power supply design using WEBENCH Designer (start your design using 
    the panel on the right).
  • Run electrical and thermal simulations to characterize the design.
  • Simulation Export provides all necessary files to complete your analysis in popular CAD simulation tools.
  • Schematic Export gives you the ability download the schematic into popular CAD tools.
  • Use PCB Export to export the PCB layout directly into your CAD tool.
  • Export is supported by schematic & footprint layout symbols for 1,000 TI components, which join the 40,000 passive component library in WEBENCH tools supported by 115 ecosystem partners.


PCB Export Schematic Export Simulation Export
Altium® Designer
Cadence Allegro
CadSoft Eagle
DesignSpark PCB
Mentor Graphics PADS
Altium Designer
Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS
Mentor Graphics Xpedition xDXDesigner
CadSoft Eagle Schematic Capture
Altium Designer
Cadence OrCAD CaptureCIS

WEBENCH board layout support

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Reduce layout errors and design iterations with WEBENCH PCB Export. Unwanted noise and thermal problems can result from improper board layout and it can take multiple iterations to get the best layout design relying on app notes, copied reference layouts, and design judgment. Use WEBENCH Power Designer to create custom power supply designs then instantly export the board layout directly to your CAD environment.

Export WEBENCH designs directly to CAD environment

WEBENCH PCB Export overview video

WEBENCH Schematic Export

Export your schematic

Exported WEBENCH Schematics layouts


WEBENCH Schematic Export overview video

Export your WEBENCH Simulations

WEBENCH Simulation Export overview video