WEBENCH® Electrical Simulator

Online SPICE Simulation

The WEBENCH Electrical Simulator is an online electrical simulation tool that provides immediate access to accurate performance information of TI components via the Internet. The WEBENCH Electrical Simulator utilizes an industry standard SPICE simulation engine combined with component models based on the latest Texas Instrument device information. These tools are web enabled with an interactive schematic and waveform viewer so that you can have access to high speed sophisticated simulation from any platform having Web access and a browser.

How to Use the WEBENCH Electrical Simulator: First create a power supply design in the WEBENCH tool. Click here to design a Power Supply now. After choosing a part and creating a design, click on Sim icon in the WEBENCH navigation header.

A schematic of your design then appears in your web-browser. Component, supply, and load values can be edited to match the needs of your particular application. From here you can select several types of analyses to run including Bode Plot, input and output transients, startup and steady state. Once the simulation is invoked, it typically takes less than a minute for the results to be available for viewing using the waveform viewer. You can then select any of the identified nodes to measure voltage and current, or in the case of a Bode plot, you can check the stability of the design. An example is shown below of a schematic of the LM25005 device in a buck configuration. To the right of that an input transient simulation is displayed in the WEBENCH waveform viewer. You can iteratively change the component values in your design and perform simulations until you get the results you want, saving a lot of bench testing time and getting a better quality design much faster.

In summary, the WEBENCH Electrical Simulator gives everyone access to the value of on line simulation of electrical performance through an easy to use on line application

See Electrical Simulation for step-by-step instructions on how to use this feature