WEBENCH® System Power Architect

Complete Power System Design in Minutes

WEBENCH® System Power Architect gives you a robust design capability to build and optimize a complete power system from the edge of the card to the smallest point-of-load in just about 60 seconds.


  • Hot swap protection with multiple TI devices
  • Optimized selection of TI isolated modules
  • Commercial modules with TI devices


WEBENCH System Power Architect is a single, powerful tool that can help you create isolated power systems with hot swap capability in minutes. Start a new design.


Key Features:

  • Drive multiple loads
  • Customize output voltages and load currents
  • More than 200 FPGAs and processors preconfigured with critical parameters
    • VOUT tolerance
    • Soft start requirements
    • Load grouping
    • Sequencing
  • Add and configure custom loads to the system
  • Select different power tree architectures
  • Optimize results for
    • Efficiency
    • Footprint
    • Cost
  • Generate complete system BOM and schematics
  • Run Spice simulations to characterize your design

System Power Architect Features

Hot Swap protection with multiple TI devices

Optimized selection of isolated TI and commercial modules using TI devices

  • Integrated with existing features of WEBENCH Power Architect
    • Optimize topologies for size, efficiency, and cost
    • Buck, Boost, SEPIC, Buck-Boost, Inverting, Fly-back, LDO

It's Easy to Use the Hot Swap and Isolated Brick Capabilities

System Power Architect Expands Power Tree Options