WebTHERM™ Online Thermal Simulation

The WEBENCH® WebTHERM™ online tool simulates the thermal behavior of a WEBENCH custom power design. All of the components within a design are integrated on a validated reference printed circuit board (PCB) design. You define the environment and the problem is solved using the tool's fast and accurate simulator. You can also adjust the PCB thermal model to explore design trade-offs, so that the simulation will more closely reflect your end application. The output is a color temperature plot of the PCB under the design's steady state electrical load conditions. No special hardware is required, just an ordinary browser. The WebTHERM simulator helps you identify heat problems on the PCB early on in the design process and corrects any issues before the board goes into production. This can save a lot of design time and avoid costly quality accidents.

To use the WebTHERM simulator, first create a power supply design in the WEBENCH online design environment. See Thermal Simulation for detailed step-by-step instructions.