WEBENCH® Visualizer

The new WEBENCH Visualizer is a powerful comparison and selection tool that draws from 25 different switching power supply architectures and a parts library of 21,000 components. Navigate billions of power supply design alternatives in seconds. Modify design criteria and observe the effects as you zero in on your optimal DC-DC power supply, selecting the required balance of system cost, footprint and efficiency.

Try out the Visualizer here!

Step by Step:

Step by Step:

1. Dial your design priority

2. Enter your target coordinates

3. Recalculate (GO)

4. View design options in your target sector

Target sector optional designs are shown in a visual comparison of footprint versus efficiency with the ball diameters based on 1K total component BOM cost (smallest is lowest cost)

5. Evaluate detailed parametric comparisons

Detailed parametric design comparisons are shown for all of the optional designs in a sortable table with movable columns including the complete schematic, top down BOM component images for all of the manufacturers selected and WEBENCH® Power Designer simulation options available.

6. Use flexible display options

You can use the expand/minimize icons to maximize the comparison view you prefer to use for filtering or you can use the movable dividers to reshape the sections for your desired display.

7. Navigate visually to your preferred design

The maximized charting view is a helpful way to compare the significant design trade offs at a glance: Footprint, Cost, and Efficiency.

8. Arrange the axis to your preference

You can rearrange the axis if you prefer to compare a different viewpoint.

9. Use advanced and interactive filtering

From any of the displays, you can interactively filter the designs to eliminate those that do not closely align to your ideal design.

10. See TI's recommendation in green

Based on your Dial setting and Texas Instruments' power design experience, we always recommend what we believe to be the best fit design for your weighted preference

11. Like to try another design or optimization?

Like to try some different design coordinates or tune for smaller cost or higher efficiency? Just enter the values or turn the knob, and in 2 seconds you will have another set of alternative designs to evaluate.

12. Make your command decision and launch your design in WEBENCH® Power Designer

And of course, every design presented can be opened in WEBENCH® Power Designer for further detailed analysis, component adjustment, and advanced simulation and tuning through the green Start Design buttons.