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Company Overview

DAB-Embedded — is an innovative engineering company specialized in research and development for electronic products. We made product concept design, development and production costs analysis, schematic design, PCB-design, 3D-modeling, thermal modeling, signal integrity analysis, FPGA-design, embedded software design (baremetal or OS-based), enterprise application development and business logic development, DSP algorithms implementation and board bring up services.


Expertise on TI Sitara AM3x/AM4x/AM65x, OMAP3/4, Keystone ARM+DSP, C6x+ DSP, C28 Concerto ARM+DSP, C28 Delfino, MSP430 MCUs, TM4C MCUs and DaVinci Multimedia SoC. Developing in Software part: BSPs, drivers, GUIs, app business logic, services and QA tests. Developing in Hardware part: schematic and PCB design, simulation, certification and more. Also providing trainings for Linux/Android and Windows Embedded software solutions on SoC.

Services Offered Application(s) TI Product Family
EngineeringService_1 DaVinci Video Processors,AM37x Processors,DaVinci DM37x SOC,ARM Cortex-A9,MSP430 ultra-low-power MCUs,AM1x,OMAP35x Processors,DaVinci DM81x SOC,ARM-Based Processor Platforms,ARM Cortex-A8+ Video Core,DM81x Video SOC,DM37x Video SOC,Other Microcontrollers,Microcontrollers (MCU),C66x DSP,ARM9 + Video Core,ARM Cortex-A15,C6000 DSP + ARM Processors,DaVinci DM38x SOC,MSP430F2x/4x,MSP430G2x/i2x,AM5K2Ex,66AK2x,DSP + ARM9,SimpleLink CC32xx Wi-Fi,Wireless Connectivity,DM64x Video SOC,ARM Cortex-A8,KeyStone Multicore Processors,66AK2Hx (A15+ C66x DSP),Ultra-low Power,C647x DSP,AM3x,OMAP™ 3 Processors,DSP + ARM Cortex-A8,ARM9,ARM Cortex-M MCUs,F28M3x MCUs,WiLink Combo Solutions,AM437x,OMAP™ Applications Processors,Real-time Control,DaVinci DM64x SOC,Sitara Processors,AM335x,OMAP™ 4 Processors,ARM Cortex-M4 Core,ARM Cortex-M3 Core,ARM+ Video Solutions,KeyStone Multicore DSP,TM4C12x,ARM Cortex-A8,Performance MCUs,OMAP™ Processors,Delfino F2833x/F2837x,C6000 DSP,F28M3x,AM38x Processors,66AK2Ex (A15+ C66x DSP),Control + Automation,DM38x Video SOC
Support Information

A list and links to documentation relevant to the solution, including schematics, board layout suggestions.

Sales Contact
Art  Staliarou

Karel Van de Woestijnelaan 2
Aartselaar, Belgium

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