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Company Overview

QNX Software Systems provides the technology, expertise and experience to enable companies to create secure, reliable and connected systems that bridge the consumer and embedded worlds with our unique software platform. With a 30+-year track record of enabling customer innovation, QNX has a proven ability to anticipate leading software trends including microkernel architecture, multi-core processing and HTML5 development. QNX-based systems have been deployed in some of the most mission- and safety-critical systems. As well, the company is a recognized leader in automotive.


The QNX portfolio is an innovative and comprehensive family of field-proven technologies, solutions, partners, and services: Deployment technology - QNX Neutrino RTOS, QNX Neutrino RTOS Safe kernel, QNX Neutrino RTOS Secure kernel, QNX Neutrino RTOS Certified Plus. Development tools - QNX Momentics Tool Suite. Middleware - Graphics, Multimedia, Acoustics Processing. Professional support - Custom engineering, consulting, education, support. Ecosystem - Large and comprehensive. Application platforms - QNX CAR application platform.

Software Type Codec Type Name or Standard/Profile Encoder/Decoder/Codec Application(s) TI Product Family eXpressDSP Compliant? Free Evaluation
Application Software & Frameworks QNX Aviage Acoustic Processing Automotive, Communications Equipment, Personal Electronics AM1x,AM389x ARM Cortex-A8,AM3x,AM37x Processors,OMAP-L1x,OMAP35x Processors,OMAP Processors,TMS320C6A816x Processor,ARM9 GPP,DaVinci DM3x SOC,DaVinci DM81x SOC,TMS320DM814x SOC,DaVinci DM37x SOC Y Y
Application Software & Frameworks QNX Aviage HMI Suite DaVinci DM3x SOC,AM3x,Sitara Processors,AM1x,AM37x Processors,DaVinci DM81x SOC,AM38x Processors,OMAP35x Processors,AM335x,OMAP-L1x,DaVinci DM37x SOC,OMAP Processors Y Y
Application Software & Frameworks QNX Aviage Multimedia Suite DaVinci DM37x SOC,OMAP35x Processors,AM335x,TMS320C6A816x Processor,AM38x Processors,AM37x Processors,DaVinci DM81x SOC,C6000 DSP+ARM Processor,OMAP Processors,DaVinci DM3x SOC,Sitara Processors,AM3x,AM1x,OMAP-L1x,AM389x ARM Cortex-A8,TMS320DM814x SOC Y Y
Operating Systems (OS/RTOS) QNX Neutrino RTOS OMAP-L1x,Sitara Processors,C6000 DSP+ARM Processor,TMS320C6A816x Processor,TMS320DM646x SOC,AM3x,OMAP35x Processors,AM335x,DaVinci DM37x SOC,TMS320DM814x SOC,DaVinci DM64x SOC,AM37x Processors,AM389x ARM Cortex-A8,AM38x Processors,AM1x,OMAP Processors,DaVinci DM81x SOC,ARM Y Y
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Peter  McCarthy

1001 Farrar Road
Ottawa, Ontario

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