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Company Logo The TI Design Network is a worldwide community of respectable, well-established companies offering products and services that complement TIs semiconductor device solutions. Products and services include a broad range of reference designs, turnkey products and services, system modules, embedded software, engineering services, and development tools that help customers accelerate development efforts and reduce time-to-market.

Company Overview

Enea is a global software and services provider of operating system and middleware software for the embedded systems market. Enea solutions can be found in the mil-aero, medical, automotive, and industrial markets, but its core competence is in the telecom/networking market. For example, Enea solutions exist in over 50% of the world’s base stations including over 70% of worldwide LTE population coverage. For all markets, Enea’s special focus is in the domain of real-time solutions. Enea has global presence in Europe, the US, and China/Japan.


Enea's product portfolio that is germane to the TI consists of a) Enea Linux, a commercial Yocto based Linux distribution, b) OSEck RTOS for DSPs, c) Element high availability and systems management middleware for distributed systems, and d) Enea LINX distributed IPC. These products are the foundation for Enea’s comprehensive support for the TI Keystone I and Keystone II family of products. Enea has 300+ services engineers who can provide a) customizations and adaptations to an integrated product, b) support, maintenance and continued development of the integrated product, and c) open source services such as upstream contributions, and d) security alerts.

Software Type Codec Type Name or Standard/Profile Encoder/Decoder/Codec Application(s) TI Product Family eXpressDSP Compliant? Free Evaluation
Application Software & Frameworks dSPEED Platform C62x DSP,TMS320DM643x DSP,ARM9 GPP,C64x DSP,DaVinci DM64x SOC,OMAP-L1x,TMS320C642x DSPs,OMAP35x Processor,C674x DSP,C647x DSP,Other C5000 DSP,DaVinci DM64x DSP,Other C6000 DSP,TMS320DM646x SOC,C55x DSP,TMS320C645x DSP,TMS320C672x DSPs N N
Operating Systems (OS/RTOS) Keystone II SoC Solution KeyStone Multicore Processors N N
Operating Systems (OS/RTOS) OSE ARM9 GPP,OMAP-L1x,OMAP35x Processor N N
Operating Systems (OS/RTOS) OSEck C55x DSP,Other C6000 DSP,MOSFET and IGBT Gate Drivers,Battery Monitor, Protection & Authentication Solutions,PCI/PCMCIA/Cardbus Switch Matrix,Step-Up (Boost),Motion/Motor Control,Telecom Ringer,Non-isolated DC/DC Switching Regulator,Power Sourcing Equipment,Hot Swap and ORing Control Combination,Digital Power Control Solutions,Power MOSFET,Buck/Boost or Inverting Controller (External Switch),Buck Controller (External Switch),DSP+ARM9,Bias Supply,Indicator/RGBW,Power Management,C62x DSP,PWM and Resonant Controller,Battery Fuel Gauge,Non-Isolated Module,OMAP™ Applications Processors,Single Channel LDO,Multi-Channel LDO,Power Over Ethernet (PoE)/LAN Solutions,Smart High-Side Switches,DaVinci DM64x DSP,Inverting Charge Pump,RF DC/DC Converter,Push Button Controller,USB Power and Load Switches,Protection, Monitoring and Hot Swap,HID Lamp Controller,NVSRAM (Non-Volatile SRAM),Isolated Module,USB Power and Charging Port Controllers,Integrated Load Switches,Digital Power Control Driver,Digital Power Non-Isolated Controller,Buck Converter (Integrated Switch),Buck Charge Pump (Inductorless),C647x DSP,N-Channel MOSFET Transistor,P-Channel MOSFET Transistor,Boost Controller (External Switch),LED Lighting - Illumination,Step-Up (Boost) Module,DC/DC Multiphase,System Basis Chip (SBC),Battery Management Products,Power Supply Support,Power Modules,Step-Down (Buck),eFuses (Integrated FET),1W & 2W Miniature Module,Current Reference,Buck/Boost, Inverting or Split-Rail Converter (Integrated Switch),Inverting Converter,Buck/Boost or Inverting Charge Pump (Inductorless),KeyStone Multicore DSP,Power Multiplexer (MUX),LDO Controller (External FET),Supervisor and Reset IC,Camera Flash LED Driver,PCI Power Management,I2C/PMBus Monitors,Voltage Reference,Boost Charge Pump (Inductorless),Wireless Power Solutions,Digital PowerTrain Module,Hot Swap Controllers (Positive, -48V),Backlight,Signage/Linear,C665x DSP,66AK2x,DDR Memory Power Solutions,Series Voltage Reference,Power Management Special Functions,Power Factor Correction,Feedback Signal Generator,Load Share,Schottky Diode Array,C64x DSP,USB Charging Port Controllers,Offline and Isolated DC/DC Controllers and Converters,Power Management Multi-Channel IC (PMIC) Solutions,C674x DSP,ORing and Smart Diodes,RF-Power Solutions,Energy Harvesting & Solar Charging,Switch with LDO,Switch with Boost Converter,Linear Regulator (LDO),Battery Charger IC,Buck/Boost, Inverting or Split-Rail,Digital Power Isolated Controller,LCD/OLED Display Bias Solutions,Standard Brick Module,Discrete Segment,C66x DSP,Isolated DC/DC Converter,Sequencer,-48 V,66AK2Ex DSP+ARM,Other C5000 DSP,Interface Controlled Pre-FET Drivers,CCFL Backlight Controller,Voltage & Current Limit Protection,LED Driver,Fixed Current Limited Switch,Powered Device,Shunt Voltage Reference,Boost Converter (Integrated Switch),DaVinci DM64x SOC,Power Distribution & Savings,Power MOSFET Module,Step-Down (Buck) Module,Buck/Boost & Negative Output Module,C6000 DSP + ARM Processors,Precision Adjustable Limit Switch,Processor V-Core Buck Controller N N
Support Information

A list and links to documentation relevant to the solution, including schematics, board layout suggestions.

Sales Contact
Michael  Christofferson

Jan Stenbecks Torg 17
P.O. Box 1033
Kista, Sweden

Other Offices
Enea HQ
Jan Stenbecks Torg 17
Kista, 16426

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