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Company Overview

Founded in 2001, Synapse Product Development solves the most difficult engineering challenges from concept through manufacturing for the leading entertainment, consumer electronics, life-sciences, and healthcare companies and organizations in the world. Synapse provides Mechanical, Electrical and Software Engineering services, and supplies essential project management and innovative product design assistance to a broad range of clients from garage inventors to Fortune 500 companies. Synapse is headquartered in Seattle, Washington with additional offices in San Francisco and Hong Kong.


Synapse helps companies invent and develop technologically pioneering products and intellectual property. Synapse combines multidisciplinary design expertise with an indomitable spirit of discovery to deliver products from conception through manufacturing. Services include concept development, software and hardware architecture, component selection, prototyping, multidisciplinary engineering including: mechanical, electrical, and software/firmware design and development, and essential project management. Synapse offers a single source for the full range of product design, development, and production specializing in the following markets: consumer electronics, bio-medical, health/fitness, alternative energy, and point of sales. Proficient expertise in low-power, body-worn, RF and wireless, embedded systems, connected devices, touch technologies, sensors, micro-fluidics, and specialty materials.

Services Offered Application(s) TI Product Family
EngineeringService_1 TMS320C2X DSPs,C5000 DSP,C6000 Power Optimized DSP,802.16d/e RF Chipset Solution,NFC / RFID ICs,LF Readers,Sitara Processors,AM3x,DaVinci DM81x SOC,TMS320C8X DSPs,Other C5000 DSP,C64x DSP,MSP430F1x,MSP430F2x/4x,Transponders, Inlays and Dies,HF Transponders,HF Readers,Hercules TMS470M,F28M3x,RF Power Detector,Extended Temp,Digital Signal Processors,TMS320C4X DSPs,Digital Downconverters,2.5G Band Chipset,C24x 16-bit Series,DaVinci DM64x SOC,HF Frequency ICs,MSP430L09x Low Voltage,Processors,MSP430 ultra-low-power MCUs,RF & Microwave,4 Series with LCD,Piccolo F2802x/3x/5x/6x/7x,Delfino F2833x/F2837x,Wideband Digital Transmit and Receive Solution,MSP430F5x/6x,Safety,OMAP35x Processors,6 Series with LCD,C55x DSP,IQ Modulator,5.8G Band Chipset,DaVinci Video Processors,OMAP-L1x,C6000 DSP,Hercules RM,Microcontrollers (MCU),TMS320C3X DSPs,TMS320C5X DSPs,Wireless Infrastructure Digital Radio Products,C647x DSP,RF430,OMAP Processors,Fixed Function,Other C6000 DSP,TMS470 ARM7TDMI®-Based Industrial MCUs,DaVinci DM64x DSP,LF Reader Antennas,Fixed-point F280x/1x,C674x DSP,Hercules TMS570,AM1x,AM37x Processors,DaVinci DM37x SOC,AM38x Processors,AM335x,C62x DSP,Other Processors,3.5G Band Chipset,Real-time Control,IQ Demodulator,DaVinci DM3x SOC,IF Transceiver,MSP430FRxx FRAM,LF Readers, Modules and Antennas,MSP430G2x/i2x,C66x DSP
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Sales Contact
Aren  Kaser

1511 6th Avenue
Seattle, Washington
United States

Other Offices
Synapse Product Development
Engineering Services
1511 6th Avenue
Seattle, Washington
United States

Synapse Product Development
Engineering Services
350 Brannan
Suite 350
San Francisco, California
United States

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