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Company Logo The TI Design Network is a worldwide community of respectable, well-established companies offering products and services that complement TIs semiconductor device solutions. Products and services include a broad range of reference designs, turnkey products and services, system modules, embedded software, engineering services, and development tools that help customers accelerate development efforts and reduce time-to-market.

Company Overview

Nuvation Engineering is a North American product realization company that performs all aspects of electronic product development, from initial concept and design through to volume production. Our partnerships with leading semiconductor manufacturers and two decades of electronic design and embedded software engineering experience enable us to deliver high-quality solutions to organizations quickly and cost-effectively


We excel at designing "from the ground up," starting with your concept and managing product development from initial architecture through design, development, manufacturing, and volume production. Our deep industry partnerships and reliable supply chain allow you to focus on your core business and minimize your time to market. Our services include: • System architecture • Board design • FPGA and DSP development • Power supply design • Software development • Analog, wireless, and RF solutions • Signal integrity • NPI, DFx

Services Offered Application(s) TI Product Family
EngineeringService_1 Automotive, Enterprise Systems, Industrial, Communications Equipment, Personal Electronics Amplifiers,Clock Generators,Audio,Difference Amplifiers,Audio Clock,SPDIF Transceiver,IQ Modulator,Clock Buffers,Touch Screen Controller with Audio,RF PLLs and Synthesizers,SDR,DDR2 Register,Integrated Filter,Professional Audio Line Driver,Digital Signal Processors,C55x DSP,Memory Interface Clocks and Registers,Audio Converters,4-20mA Conditioning,Sensors, Sensor Conditioning, 4-20mA Transmitter,Special Function Amplifiers,Transconductance Amplifiers,Fixed Gain,Programmable & Variable Gain Amplifiers (PGA/VGA),High-Speed Op Amps (>=50MHz),Clock and Timing,Microphone Preamplifier,Sample Rate Converter,General Purpose,Wideband Receivers,IF Transceiver,RF Power Detector,Frequency Converters,RF & Microwave,Audio USB Converter,TEC/Laser PWM Power Amplifiers,Logarithmic Amplifiers,Digital Downconverters,Sensor Conditioning,Spread-Spectrum Clocks,General-Purpose Op Amps,2V/3Vrms Line Driver,Low-Power Audio Amplifiers (<10W),Mid-Power Audio Amplifiers (10-50W),PWM Input Class-D,Audio ADC,Audio Op Amps,Active Filter,Video Amplifiers,LCD Gamma Buffer,Headphone Amplifier,Single Supply,Haptic Driver,Sample & Hold Amplifiers,Clock Jitter Cleaners,Wireless Infrastructure Digital Radio Products,DDR2 PLL,Fully Differential Amplifiers,Multiplier,Precision DACs (=<10MSPS),Precision Op Amps,Comparators,C5000 DSP,Real-time Clocks,Volume Control,Digital Audio Interface,Lip Sync Delay IC,Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps),Variable Gain Amplifier,Programmable Gain Amplifier,RAMBUS/XDR,Instrumentation Amplifiers,Audio DAC,Audio CODEC,DDR Register,DDR3 Register,Timers,IQ Demodulator,Multiplexer,Audio Subsystem,Dual Supply,Professional Audio Line Receiver
Support Information

A list and links to documentation relevant to the solution, including schematics, board layout suggestions.

Sales Contact
Greg  James

151 Gibraltar Court
Sunnyvale, California
United States

Other Offices
Nuvation Silicon Valley Headquarters
151 Gibraltar Court
Sunnyvale, California
United States

Nuvation Waterloo Design Center
332 Marsland Drive
Suite 200
Waterloo, Ontario

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