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Company Overview

For more than a decade HCC has been entirely focused on developing re-usable embedded software components for Flash, File Systems and Communications. Many of the leading RTOS vendors in the industry re-sell HCC software under their own brand, giving engineers access to excellent middleware regardless of the RTOS or processor they use. As a consequence, HCC is now one of the leading experts in deployment of platform software independently of the processor, software, peripherals or tools used in the project.


Flash Management for NAND, NOR, Dataflash and SSD.
Flash Translation Layers.
Fail-safe file systems.
Smart-meter File Systems.
USB Device, Host & OTG.
MISRA Compliant IPv4 / IPv6.
Verifiable TLS/DTLS.
Fail-safe bootloaders and encryption.
Encryption - AES, SHA, ECDSA, ECDH, MD5, RSA and more

Software Type Codec Type Name or Standard/Profile Encoder/Decoder/Codec Application(s) TI Product Family eXpressDSP Compliant? Free Evaluation
Operating Systems (OS/RTOS) eTaskSync Verifiable RTOS Microcontrollers (MCU),Sitara Processors Y Y
Software Libraries Fail-safe Flash Translation Layer (FTL) Digital Signal Processors,AM3x,AM1x,ARM Cortex-A9,OMAP™ Applications Processors,AM437x,ARM Cortex-A8,ARM Cortex-A15,AM5K2Ex,Microcontrollers (MCU),Sitara Processors,ARM-Based Processor Platforms,ARM9,AM335x Y N
Software Libraries Reliable FAT File System Digital Signal Processors,ARM9,ARM Cortex-A8,AM1x,AM335x,ARM Cortex-A15,OMAP™ Applications Processors,AM5K2Ex,AM437x,Sitara Processors,AM3x,ARM-Based Processor Platforms,ARM Cortex-A9,Microcontrollers (MCU) Y N
Software Libraries SafeFAT Fail-safe File System Digital Signal Processors,AM335x,ARM Cortex-A15,ARM Cortex-A9,Sitara Processors,AM5K2Ex,ARM9,OMAP™ Applications Processors,AM3x,ARM-Based Processor Platforms,Microcontrollers (MCU),ARM Cortex-A8,AM437x,AM1x Y N
Software Libraries SafeFLASH Fail-safe File System Digital Signal Processors,ARM9,ARM Cortex-A9,ARM Cortex-A15,AM5K2Ex,Microcontrollers (MCU),Sitara Processors,AM3x,AM335x,AM437x,OMAP™ Applications Processors,ARM-Based Processor Platforms,ARM Cortex-A8,AM1x Y N
Software Libraries Small FAT File System MSP430F5x/6x N N
Software Libraries USB Device, Host & OTG ARM Cortex-A8,OMAP™ Applications Processors,AM3x,ARM9,ARM Cortex-A9,Microcontrollers (MCU),Digital Signal Processors,ARM-Based Processor Platforms,Sitara Processors,AM335x,AM5K2Ex,AM437x,AM1x,ARM Cortex-A15 Y N
Software Libraries Verifiable TLS/DTLS Proprietary 2.4 GHz,Wireless Connectivity,AM5K2Ex,Range Extenders,RF4CE,AM1x,ARM Cortex-A8,SimpleLink Solutions,Digital Signal Processors,AM3x,ZigBee,Wi-Fi,Sitara Processors,Smart RF Transceivers,AM437x,NFC / RFID,ARM9,ARM Cortex-A9,Microcontrollers (MCU),AM335x,ARM-Based Processor Platforms,Other Microcontrollers,WiLink Combo Solutions,OMAP™ Applications Processors,Sub-1 GHz,6LoWPAN,Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE),ARM Cortex-A15,Wireless Network Processors N Y
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A list and links to documentation relevant to the solution, including schematics, board layout suggestions.

Sales Contact
George  Brooks

1999 S. Bascom Avenue Suite 700
Campbell, California
United States

Other Offices
HCC Embedded
Reference Designs, System Modules & ODM Products
Vaci ut 76
Budapest, H-1133

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