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From our TiWi family of products, LSR's TiWi5 module supports 802.11. a/b/g/n, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy all in a single FCC/IC certified and ETSI tested module. The only industrial-temp rated module based on Texas Instruments' WiLink 6.0 technology, TiWi also offers the best radio performance at 20 dBm WLAN output power and up to -97 dBm receiver sensitivity, with 9.5 dBm Bluetooth transmit power.

  • Highly integrated solution that pairs with popular ARM processors such as OMAP, Sitara, Centaurus, and other Cortex A8, ARM9 processors from TI. Offered in a variety of development ecosystem form factors for ease of development, including AM1808, AM18x, AM37/DM37x, Mistral Daughter Card, Pandaboard, and Variscite VAR-SOM-OM44 and COM6L form factor. Industrial temp range for broad application needs including medical, industrial, security, etc. Robust performance, achieving best-in-class link budget of all the TI WL1273L - based module solutions in the market.

RF Modules Parameters
Price 28.02 (1k)
TI RF device(s) on the module WL1273L
RF Technology/Frequency Range 2.4 and 5.8
Certifications FCC/IC Certified, ETSI tested
Board Size (sq mm) 234
Board Height (mm) 1.9
Min Supply Voltage (V) 3
Max Supply Voltage (V) 4.8
Peak TX Current (mA) 165 mA @65mbps OFDM
Peak RX Current (mA) 100 mA
Standby Current (�a) <1.2 mA
Sleep Current (�a) 70 uA
Type Of Antenna U.FL, Center fed and isolated magnetic dipole
Min Carrier Frequency (MHz) 2.4 GHZ = 2402, 5 GHZ = 5170
Max Carrier Frequency (MHz) 24. GHz = 2480, 5 GHz =5825
Supported Carrier Freq (MHz) 2400 and 5000
Channel BW (kHz) N/A
Max Output Power (dBm) 20
Max Transit Range (m) 100
Receiver Sensitivity (dBm) -89
Max Data Rate (kbps) 65000
Type Of Modulation OFDM, CCK
Type Of Spread Spectrum DSSS
Type Of Interconnect SDIO and UART
A-D's N/A
D-A's N/A
Digital I/O's N/A
Application Flash (kB) N/A
Application RAM (kB) N/A
RF Modules Details

Has the complete system been tested? Yes
Is working hardware available? Yes
Is working software available? Yes
Hardware Specifications Hardware-Based Encryption/Decryption Using 64-, 128-, and 256-Bit WEP, TKIP or AES Keys Operating Voltage: 3.0 V to 4.8 V FCC/IC Certified, Integral TXCO Fast Clock Power Consumption: 215 mA in Transmit, 100 mA in Receive, 802.11 g, 54 Mbps WLAN Features Output Power: 14 dBm, 802.11 g, 54 Mbps, -25 dB EVM, RF Sensitivity: -71 dBm, 802.11 g, 54 Mbps Bluetooth Features Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0+EDR and 2.1+EDR specification compliant up to HCI level Output Power: 9.5 dBm, Class 1.5 RF Sensitvity: -92 dBm, GFSK, BER=0.1%.
Software Specifications Linux Android drivers available. WIN CE and QNX support availailable through 3rd party..
Trade-off Analysis Comparative analysis accross similar products would encompass sensitivity, output power, and temp range. LSR substantially outperforms in these key areas.
Development Tools AM1808 http://www.ti.com/tool/tmdxevmwifi1808l AM/DM37x http://www.ti.com/tool/tmdxwl1271dc18xl1x AM37/DM37x http://www.ti.com/tool/tmdsevm3730 Mistral Daughter Card http://mistralsolutions.com Pandaboard http://pandaboard.org/ Variscite VAR-SOM-OM44 http://www.variscite.com/products/item/76-var-som-om44-ti-omap4460
Component Selection Some examples would be processor, power, and connectivity (TiWi-R2 and wired like RS45).
Design & Manufacturing Details

Customized Engineering Design Services
Design services that apply to this solution

  • Electrical Design
  • Software (Application)
  • Software (Embedded)
  • System Integration
  • Certification -  FCC , CE , IC , Antenna Design

Manufacturing Services
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  • Turnkey Product Design/ODM/CDM Services
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A list and links to documentation relevant to the solution, including schematics, board layout suggestions.

TI Product Family Used in the Solution
  • ANT
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Wi-Fi
Support Information

A list and links to documentation relevant to the solution, including schematics, board layout suggestions.

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Renee  Merwin

W66 N220 Commerce Ct
Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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