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The V-9501 SuperSpeed module of ViALUX is based on the DLP® Discovery™4100 platform and represent the highest performance class of DLP® Advanced Light Control products. V-Modules offer unique flexibility in mirror control and outstanding speed - enabling a wide variety of new emerging applications. The controller boards come with completely configured high-speed FPGA logic and USB controller firmware so that customers save time and costs for a dedicated hardware and firmware development. V-Modules are well suited for education, research, proof of concept and OEM components for series production.

  • The V-9501 module supports full HD DMDs with 0.95” diagonal array size. The control and data lines for the 2xLVDS DMD are put into two flexible cables of 12” length giving a high degree of freedom for the optical arrangement.

DLP Electronics Modules Parameters
Part Number V-9501
DLP Chipset(s) supported DLP9500
DLP Component(s) included DLP Discovery 4100 Board (V4395), 0.95 1080p DMD Chip, ALP-4.3 Controller Suite
Pattern rate 1-Bit B/W: 17,857 Hz (global array switching), 8-bit: 266 Hz (global array switching)
On board memory 64 Gbit SO-DIMM on-board (8 GB)
Triggers Hardware trigger master/slave
Interfaces/ports USB3.0, Multi-Purpose I/O, I²C connector
Dimensions (in mm L x W x H) Control Board: 162x99 mm² Flex cables: 127 / 305 mm DMD Board: 102x83 mm²
Software ALP-4.3 Controller Suite
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Price (USD) For pricing please contact dlp@vialux.de
DLP Electronics Modules Details

Has the complete system been tested? Yes
Is working hardware available? Yes
Is working software available? Yes
Hardware Specifications DMD Type: 0.95″ 1080p VIS/UV, Array size: 1920x1080 micro mirrors, frame rate: 17,857 Hz (binary) or 266 Hz (8 Bit), Memory: 64 Gbit on‑board SDRAM holds 31,068 patterns, Trigger: Hardware Trigger master ⁄ slave, PC Interface: USB3.0 with lossless on‑the‑flight compression, Driver: High‑performance USB3.0 device driver for Windows® x32 and x64 systems, PC Transfer Rate: >750 fps depending upon data compressibility, SDK: Proven API library (DLL) fully upwards compatible, Dimensions: Control Board -->162x99 mm², Flex cable --> 127/305 mm, DMD Board --> 102x83 mm²
Software Specifications ALP‑4 realizes the maximum switching rates of DLP® Discovery™ 4100 systems: 17,857 patterns per second for global switching HD arrays. Higher frequencies are achieved by area of interest operation. The API offers flexibility and advanced control options: free sequence timing, image scrolling, look-up table sequencing, comprehensive trigger facility, and optional LED control. The USB3.0 PC interface implements an enhanced effective transfer rate by lossless on‑the‑flight compression of data. PC data rates with more than 750 HD frames per second are achieved.
Trade-off Analysis Customers take advantage of an excellent Price/Performance ratio of this off-the-shelf module. Hard- and software are long term proven in 24/7 operation. The V-9501 module enables short time to market for new product developments.
Development Tools System integration is supported by a comprehensive application programming interface (ALP-4 DLL).
Component Selection V-9501 module with 0.95 1080p DLP Chip, V4395 DLP board, ALP-4.3 Controller Suite
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TI Product Family Used in the Solution
  • Advanced Light Control
  • DLP Products
  • Display & Projection
  • Micromirror Array (>=1 Million)
  • Near-Infrared (NIR)
  • Ultraviolet (UV)
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
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Account  Manager

Am Erlenwald 10
Chemnitz, Germany

Other Offices
Digital Light Innovations
Reference Designs, System Modules & ODM Products
4501 Spicewood Springs Rd.
Suite 1000
Austin, Texas
United States

Marubun Corporation
Reference Designs, System Modules & ODM Products
Marubun Daiya Bldg.,8-1, Nihonbashi Odenmacho, Chuo-ku
Email: vialux@marubun.co.jp
TOKYO, 103-8577
Japan (日本語)

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