SigC641x-PTMC Octal DSP Resource Board

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Host software support includes WinXP and Linux drivers, and DirectDSP software API. Host platform software options include: - Linux -- PowerPC or desktop - WinXP, Win2k, Win9x - Self-managed unit, with no host software communication

  • The SigC641x-PTMC fully supports Texas Instruments tools for developing real-time, C code based algorithms, including Code Composer Studio (CCS) software, XDS 510 and XDS 560 based JTAG emulators, DSP/BIOS operating systems, and CSL (chip support library) for C64xx devices.

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Hardware Specifications -DSP Farm with up to eight (8) 6414, 6415 or 6416 DSPs, with 600 or 720 MHz, 1 GHz speed options -4, 8, or 16M x 32 dedicated SDRAM per processor -supports PTMC configurations 2, 3, and 5 -high-performance PCI-to-HPI32 interface allows host communication direct to DSP memory while real-time applications continue to run -TDM interface with up to 4096 time-slots -GbE interface, with network switch connection to DSP Farm -10/100 front-panel interface -high capacity, low-noise onboard power generation
Software Specifications The SigC641x-PTMC board fully supports a wide range of DSP software development and integration, including voice, audio, video, and wireless algorithms, real-time processing. Via the PCI bus, DirectDSP software provides C/C++ API in Visual Studio (WinXP) and GCC (Linux) environment, based on WinXP kernel mode drivers and Linux loadable kernel module drivers.
The SigC641x card provides OEMs and Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) with an advanced DSP Farm consisting of up to eight Texas Instruments TMS360C6414/15/16 high-performance digital signal processors, delivering over 64,000 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) total module performance on a single-wide PTMC form factor module.
Trade-off Analysis The SigC641x-PTMC board is a PMC form-factor board 1. It includes all necessary onboard power generation. The board is compliant with IEEE P1386.1 (PMC) and PICMG 2.15 (PTMC) standards, usable with a wide range of cPCI, ATCA, VME, and other host platforms, including: -cPCI (compact PCI) carrier board - ATCA (Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture) board - VME carrier board - desktop PCI, using PMC-to-PCI adapter -stand-alone, with 5V and 3.3V power
Development Tools DirecDSP-cPCI C64xx Source Code Interface SW Texas Instrument Code Composer Studio SW The C64x SCI software provides a board-support package, including example Code Composer Studio (CCS) projects, drivers for host PCI interface, DMA controller access, and onboard peripheral access. C64xx SCI supports both "host mode", when some type of host interface is used over the PCI bus (typically application layer software running on WinXP or Linux), and "JTAG mode", when only CCS and a JTAG emulator are active. Both host and JTAG modes may be active simultaneously.
Component Selection Up to eight (8) 6414, 6415 or 6416

A list and links to documentation relevant to the solution, including schematics, board layout suggestions.

TI Product Family Used in the Solution
  • TMS320C6414T/15T/16T DSPs
  • Communications Equipment
Support Information

A list and links to documentation relevant to the solution, including schematics, board layout suggestions.

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