2-in-1 DLP NIRscan Nano EVM (DLP System Solutions (Optics and DLP electronics))

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The DLP-based spectrometer system consists of a DLP-based spectrometer, a set of electronic boards that control the spectrometer, and two interchangeable modules for interrogating samples. The NIRscan Nano EVM and reflectance module are produced by TI. The reflectance module interrogates a sample by illuminating the sample with infrared light and delivering the reflected light to the spectrometer. The transmission module includes a sample holder for materials under investigation. Light from the on-board source passes through the sample, after which a telecentric optical system collects and conditions the light for efficient coupling to the spectrometer. Both modules operate over the 900 – 1700 nm range. The reflectance module provides a 6,000:1 signal to noise ratio (SNR). The transmission module provides a 12,000:1 SNR – a higher SNR than any module available - due to custom electronic and optical designs. Both modules receive power and control signals from the spectrometer’s electronic boards. The spectrometer provides flexibility in wavelength selection, resolution, and scanning parameters, allowing the user to tailor the system to the needs of a particular application.

  • • Only miniature spectrometer system capable of both transmission and reflectance spectrometry at high resolution. • Optical design of modules and spectrometer maximize optical throughput and minimize stray light, greatly improving SNR and allowing measurement of weaker phenomena. • Easy interchangeability of modules that requires no special tools or alignment procedures, making transition between operating modes simple and quick. • Flexibility of DLP-based interrogation allows development of custom scanning protocols optimized to the scanning application of interest.

DLP System Solutions (Optics and DLP electronics) Parameters
Part Number DLP NIRscan Nano
Array Size 854 x 480
DLP Chipset included DLP2010NIR
Brightness N/A
Contrast Ratio N/A
Light Source(s) Lamp Power 1.4 W (refelective); 2.8 W (transmitive)
Pattern rate N/A
On board memory N/A
Triggers N/A
Interfaces/ports DLP NIRscan Nano Connectors
Dimensions (in mm L x W x H) 84mm x 65mm x 36mm
Software DLP NIRscan Nano Software
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Price (USD) $1299
DLP System Solutions (Optics and DLP electronics) Details

Has the complete system been tested? Yes
Is working hardware available? NA
Is working software available? Yes
Software Specifications DLP NIRscan software performs and operates similarly with both interchangeable modules
Trade-off Analysis The primary trade-off consists of the difference in SNR between the two interrogation modules. The reflectance module achieves 5000:1 SNR only under ideal conditions (highly reflective surface) and works best for solid samples. For liquids, the losses from scattering, absorption and low reflectivity greatly reduce the SNR achieved. The transmission module SNR remains high even for these liquid samples. The design provides a compact, portable, flexible, cost-effective spectroscopy solution at resolutions of 1 nm – 10 nm, compared to high-end spectrometers with sub-nanometer resolution.
Development Tools The solution requires software to program the on-board microprocessor that controls scanning and data collection functions. Software specifically designed to program and manage DLPs is highly recommended. Suitable software is freely available on the Texas Instruments web site.
Component Selection DLP NIRscan Nano EVM + Interchangeable Transmission Module
Design & Manufacturing Details

Customized Engineering Design Services
Design services that apply to this solution

  • Electrical Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Thermal
  • Optical
  • Industrial Design
  • Certification - NA

Manufacturing Services
Manufacturing Services that apply to this solution

  • Prototyping
  • Low-Volume Or Pilot Runs
  • High-Volume Or Mass Production
  • Turnkey Product Design/ODM/CDM Services
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TI Product Family Used in the Solution
  • Advanced Light Control
  • DLP Products
  • High Speed Visible
  • Near-Infrared (NIR)
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Industrial
  • Personal Electronics
Support Information

A list and links to documentation relevant to the solution, including schematics, board layout suggestions.

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Badia  Koudsi

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Badia   Koudsi
VP of R&D

4815 S. Harvard Ave, Ste. 330
Tulsa, Oklahoma
United States

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