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Timesys TRST Security Services enable you to bring products using embedded Linux and open source software to market faster, without compromising security. Timesys TRST Security Services enable you to address security early in the design of your product and implement security best practices during development, which is key to managing the security of your device throughout its lifecycle. (*) TIMESYS TRST SECURITY SERVICES INCLUDE: • Secure Boot/Chain of Trust — Ensure your device is not running tampered software by verifying its authenticity before execution. Establish software authenticity all the way from the bootloader to user applications. • OTA Software Updates — Our security services can help you determine how to update/deploy software securely and deny unauthorized software installs. • Device Encryption and Secure Key Storage — You can protect IP and sensitive user information by encrypting data/software. It is also critical to protect the key used for encryption using a secure storage mechanism. Additionally, software that handles confidential data should run from within a hardware/software-isolated environment. • Security Audit — By performing a risk analysis, our audit services can help you determine what potential threats your system might encounter and what should be secured. • Hardening — Our hardening service focuses on system configurations needed to reduce your product’s attack surface, decrease risk of compromise, and minimize breach impacts. (*) BENEFITS • Reduce the attack surface of your device — By auditing, hardening, optimizing your software footprint, and implementing secure boot and chain of trust, we improve the security posture of your device. • Reduce performance tradeoffs — By selecting the proper hardware, you can minimize the performance impact of securing it. Timesys has the expertise to help you achieve the lean footprint and lower power consumption you need, even while meeting security requirements. • Reduce time-to-market delays — Through our Security Services, security is baked in at the outset of your development, enabling you to cut the time, rework, and cost overruns that often come with deploying security too late in design.

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