DLP products

TI DLP® Near-Infrared (NIR)

Exceptional performance for optical sensing applications

Near-infrared (NIR) products are optimized for 700 to 2500 nm to deliver exceptional performance in optical sensing applications requiring high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Advanced controller features enable programmable wavelength selection for single sensor designs in NIR spectroscopy or optical networking. These devices can also be used for non-contact 3D scanning using NIR structured light patterns in bright ambient light as well as targeting transparent or highly reflective objects.

High SNR

  • Real-time system tuning
  • Adaptable scan parameters
  • Up to 96% optical transmission for NIR wavelengths

Mobile sensing

  • Portable, battery-powered systems
  • Compatible with networked connectivity solutions
  • Applications including food, agriculture, medical

Flexible programming

  • Speed development with software kits and GUIs
  • Dynamic wavelength selection
  • Fast, adjustable switching speeds

Technical resources

Learn how millions of micromirrors work in a DLP chipset to provide high speed and precise pixel control.

Spectroscopy is a powerful technique for recognizing and characterizing physical materials in various phases, including solid, liquid, gas, or plasma, and may be light emitting or light absorbing.

Dedicated to the chipsets, controllers, and evaluation modules for performance lab and mobile sensing applications.