DLP products

Near-infrared (NIR) – Tools & software

Evaluation modules

Enable NIR spectral scans and tuning of scan parameters straight out of the box with full-featured spectroscopy kits.

DLP NIRscan Nano

DLP NIRscan Nano is a compact battery-operated EVM for portable NIR spectroscopy solutions. Featuring the DLP2010NIR chipset, the EVM supports Bluetooth™ low energy to enable mobile lab measurements. Cloud databases can be leveraged through cellular networks for real-time lab equivalent analytics.

DLP NIRscan™

EVM enables lab-quality NIR spectroscopy solutions in the factory and field. This development tool provides the DLP4500NIR chipset, an optical engine with cooling solution, reference electronics, and software to deliver high SNR measurements for industries requiring material and chemical analysis.


Experiment with real-time scan parameter tuning and programmable spectral filters using DLP® NIRscan™ series EVM software.

DLP NIRscan Nano software

Explore software tools for advanced control of the DLP NIRscan Nano:

  • GUI - Take out-of-the-box spectral scans and set scan parameters
  • Reference software – Access firmware and source code
  • Spectrum library –  Compare test scans of common materials with provided spectral values

DLP NIRscan software

Accelerate development of spectroscopy solutions using the DLP NIRscan EVM software bundle:

  • GUI – Run this executable directly off the EVM via a standard web browser
  • Reference software – Access source files for the AM335x microprocessor

Reference designs

TI offers full electronic, mechanical and optical reference designs for NIR spectrometer solutions with DLP technology to accelerate product development.