DLP Products

TI DLP® automotive chipsets

High performance automotive display and lighting


Design high performance automotive display and lighting applications with superior brightness and image quality.

Automotive qualified

The same powerful technology behind the award-winning DLP Cinema® projection has been qualified for automotive applications.


DLP technology supports both interior and exterior automotive display and lighting applications.

DLP3030-Q1 chipset

The DLP3030-Q1 is Texas Instruments 2nd generation automotive qualified chipset targeting wide field of view and augmented reality head-up display (HUD) applications. The DLP3030-Q1chipset enables automakers and Tier 1 suppliers to design HUDs with the following performance specifications:

  • Up to 12 x 5° field of view
  • Virtual Image distances up to 20m
  • Greater than 15k cd/m2 brightness
  • 5000:1 dynamic dimming ratio
  • Greater than 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • 125% NTSC color-gamut 

Automotive qualified

With over 20 years of DMD production experience, TI has taken the same powerful technology behind award-winning TI DLP Cinema® projection and qualified it for automotive applications. TI has qualified the DMD manufacturing and test process for automotive applications, extended the DMD operating temperature range, and used the latest hermetically sealed packaging technology to support the demanding automotive environment.

  • Automotive qualified using industry standard testing
  • Extended operating temperature: -40 to 105 °C
  • TS16949 certified
  • Production part approval process (PPAP) documents available
  • In production and shipping to automotive customers worldwide

Performance advantages 

  • Superior color, brightness, and contrast across the automotive temperature range
  • Works with all lights sources including LEDs, lasers and laser phosphor
  • Consistent image quality across the automotive temperature range
  • Very fast pixel switching speeds delivers crisp, sharp, high quality video
  • Projects unpolarized light, enabling the image to be viewed with polarized sunglasses
  • Reflects visible as well as near infrared and near ultraviolet light
  • Small image plane = smaller optics (smaller optical designs / lenses)
  • Software programmable light distributions

How the mirrors work

The driving force behind the award-winning DLP projection technology is a sea of tiny micro-mirrors that switch on and off 1000’s of times per second, projecting and mixing colors into amazing imagery. This same base technology is found in TI’s cinema projectors, corporate conference room projectors, pico projectors and now automotive lighting and display systems.