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DLP3030-Q1 Electronics Evaluation Module

The DLP3030-Q1 electronics evaluation module is based on the DLP3030-Q1 chipset and is intended to support the development of automotive grade picture generation units (PGU) or projection modules.

Select tool if:  You want to build a PGU or projection module.

DLP3030-Q1 Picture Generation Unit

This automotive designed picture generation unit (PGU) can be used to support head-up display (HUD) development or can be attached to existing HUD designs for DLP performance evaluation.

Select tool if:  You want to build a HUD, benchmark DLP3030-Q1 performance, or develop HUD software.

DLP3030-Q1 Combiner HUD Tabletop Demonstrator

This wide field of view combiner head-up display (C-HUD) tabletop demonstrator has been designed to demonstrate state of the art high performance DLP HUD technology.

Select tool if:  You want to demonstrate DLP HUD technology performance or develop HUD software.