DLP Products

Overview for Pico Chipsets 

Superior Pico image quality enables low power display applications with small size


High-performance, flexible pico chipsets enables maximum brightness at a desired power level to support diverse design needs.

Pico display applications

Explore innovative display applications, including wearables, smart home displays and aftermarket head-up displays.

Solutions and services

Purchase off-the-shelf optical modules and find 3rd party design houses to ease and accelerate the design process.

Impressively small solutions for next-gen displays 

  • Mirror arrays ranging from 0.2 to 0.47-inches are ideal for small applications
  • From nHD to 1080p resolutions, bring colorful and crisp images to virtually any surface
  • Proven DLP technology has been designed into hundreds of consumer electronics
Next-gen displays

Select the right DLP Pico product to fit your needs and explore helpful resources.

Find the DLP evaluation module (EVM) that best meets your design needs.