DLP products

DLP® Pico products

Impressively small solutions for next-gen display and light control designs

With mirror arrays ranging from 0.2 to 0.47-inches, DLP Pico products are ideal for small applications and have been designed into hundreds of consumer electronics. From nHD to 1080p resolutions, DLP Pico technology brings colorful and crisp images to virtually any surface.

Display applications

Explore innovative display applications, including wearables, smart home displays and aftermarket head-up displays.

Light control applications

Discover high-performance light control solutions for compact, mobile 3D scanning and 3D printing applications.

Ecosystem partners

Purchase off-the-shelf optical modules and find 3rd party design houses to ease and accelerate the design process.

Featured products

Get started with DLP Pico technology

Getting Started with TI DLP® Display Technology (Rev. C)

Learn the basics of the technology with this getting started white paper.