DLP products

Overview for Standard Chipsets

Standard chipset are optimal for large displays with high brightness and resolution.


The DLP 0.66-inch 4K UHD chipset offers 4K UHD resolution capable of displaying accurate, detailed images on a variety of surfaces.

Display applications

Bring bright and colorful display capabilities to a variety of applications such as laser TVs, digital signage and business & education projectors.

Solutions and services

A network of optical module manufacturers and design houses help simplify and accelerate the design process.

Bright, colorful and versatile digital projection solutions

  • Fast pixel switching speed translates into sharp text and reduced motion blur during fast action video.
  • Best-in-class resolution allows customers to develop high resolution projection display solutions for a variety of applications.
  • Industry collaboration and a versatile ecosystem helps developers evaluate the technology and ramp quickly to production.
Digital projection solutions

Getting Started with DLP Pico Technology

DLP display technology enables excellent image quality, high brightness and power efficient display experiences.


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