DLP products

Overview for Standard Chipsets

Standard chipset are optimal for large displays with high brightness and resolution.


The DLP 0.66-inch 4K UHD chipset offers 4K UHD resolution capable of displaying accurate, detailed images on a variety of surfaces.

Display applications

Bring bright and colorful display capabilities to a variety of applications such as laser TVs, digital signage and business & education projectors.

Solutions and services

A network of optical module manufacturers and design houses help simplify and accelerate the design process.

Bright, colorful and versatile digital projection solutions

  • Fast pixel switching speed translates into sharp text and reduced motion blur during fast action video.
  • Best-in-class resolution allows customers to develop high resolution projection display solutions for a variety of applications.
  • Industry collaboration and a versatile ecosystem helps developers evaluate the technology and ramp quickly to production.
Digital projection solutions

Choose your chipset

Texas Instruments DLP® Display & Projection Chipset Selection Guide (Rev. B)

Use our selection guide to learn about the entire DLP portfolio and choose the right chipset for your design.

Technical Article

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