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Advanced light control platform

These tools provide flexibility to format and sequence light patterns while enabling impressive pattern rates up to 9,523Hz. The evaluation modules (EVMs) in this series offer advanced light control capability that goes beyond traditional display applications and fuels innovation across new and emerging industrial markets.

DLP Discovery™ 4100

This development kit offers high performance which includes exceptionally fast pattern rates of over 32,000Hz binary pattern rate well suited for light exposure and image capture. DLP Discovery 4100 also supports the DLP chips specified for use with ultraviolet (UV) light.

Pico display platform

Integrate bright and efficient DLP Pico™ display capability into a host of diverse products with these evaluation modules. Whether needing an ultra-small and low power solution or the smallest full-HD 1080p chip, take advantage of these convenient, production-quality optical engines and control electronics to evaluate quickly.

Spectroscopy platform

The array of millions of mirrors on a DLP chip make it very well suited as a programmable light filter, which is a great fit for chemical analysis or spectroscopy. These EVMs include a full spectrometer optical engine and control electronics so users can gather and assess near-infrared (NIR) measurements of liquids and solids out of the box.