TI DLP® technology advantages

From large to small displays, DLP technology is a leading projection technology

Why choose DLP technology?

  • All digital display
  • Can be used with virtually any light source
  • Products available in many sizes and resolutions
  • Unparalleled switching speed
  • Low power consumption products available
  • Based on same core MEMs technology as Scientific and Technical Award®-winning* TI DLP Cinema® technology.
  • Used in both display and optical sensing applications
DLP technology advantages
DLP technology is flexible and can be used in both traditional and non-traditional displays

DLP technology can be used with virtually any light source

Reinforcing the flexibility of the DLP chip, manufacturers can select any light source to pair with DLP technology. The DLP chip can be used with lamps, lasers, or LEDs.

All-digital display

DLP technology is a revolutionary display solution that uses an optical semiconductor to manipulate light digitally. When a DLP chip is coordinated with a digital video, graphic signal, a light source, and a projection lens, its mirrors can reflect an all-digital image onto virtually any surface.

Products available in many sizes and resolutions

From big screen 4K displays to embedded HD projection in mobile devices, DLP chipsets are available in many resolutions and package sizes.

Unparalleled switching speed

The DLP chip has an unparalleled 16 microsecond refresh time, giving users precise, razor-sharp images. Movies, games, and fast-paced educational content can be experienced in vivid detail regardless of the speed of action.

Low power consumption

Texas Instruments is a leader in research and development. DLP Products continues to innovate by increasing display brightness while dramatically decreasing packaging size and required power. DLP® Pico™ technology has achieved milestones on lumens per watt which makes possible embedded projection from a cell phone.

The flexible DLP chip is used in display and optical sensing applications 

DLP technology is best known for Scientific and Technical Award-winning TI DLP Cinema® but the incredibly flexible technology is utilized for a variety of optical sensing applications as well. Developers are using the DLP chip to solve real world problems for industrial, security, medical and even automotive applications that require built-in intelligence.

* 2014 Academy Award® of Merit (Oscar® statuette) to Larry Hornbeck for the invention of the digital micromirror technology as used in DLP Cinema projection.