TI DLP® technology in projection display

The global leader in commercial display technology

TI DLP Products is a global leader in display technology. From massive movie screens to classrooms to mobile pico projectors, the technical collaboration with customers has led to the creation of thousands of commercial display products across a myriad of industries.

4K UHD technology

DLP products bring 4K Ultra HD to the market with a 0.66-inch digital micromirror device (DMD). Now everyone can experience the benefits that 4K UHD resolution brings to the market.


Projectors with DLP technology can deliver images greater than 100 inches on virtually any surface and are designed for use in small and large classrooms.


Projectors utilizing DLP display technology can play an important role in delivering next level business presentations and facilitating open communication.

Home theater

DLP® technology delivers an incredible home theater experience for movies, TV, and gaming.

Professional large screen

Designed for virtually any professional application, such as concerts, museums, and musicals, displays using DLP technology can be brighter than 50,000 lumens.

Pico projectors

Enables compact, efficient pico projection displays for a variety of applications, including mobile devices, wearable displays, and smart TVs.