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Experience movies, TV, and gaming on the big screen

Just as Scientific and Technical Award®-winning** TI DLP Cinema® technology is the #1 projection display choice for digital movie theatres worldwide, DLP® technology is famous for delivering an incredible picture on the home screen. Due to the speed of the DLP chip, fast action video can be smooth, sharp, and clear without motion blur.

home theater projectors
DLP high performance home theater displays

Projectors can be used outside of a media room

dlp gaming
  • Connect a wireless device and enjoy content displayed on virtually any surface
  • Immersive gaming experiences with large screen projection displays
  • Project 100+inch movies in the backyard

Advantages of DLP technology for home theater

high resolution

High resolution

Share detailed information with colleagues using high definition DLP projectors.

Consistent all-digital color

Consistent all-digital color

All-digital, reflective DLP micromirror technology enables vibrant, consistent color.

high speed performance

High speed performance

Fast action video and games can be shown without blurriness because of the DLP chip’s ultra-fast switching speed.

#1 laser and LED projection display technology

#1 laser and LED projection display technology*

Laser or LED projectors with DLP technology can result in low maintenance and total cost of ownership compared to lamp-based systems.

*Source: PMA 2016CYQ1 Worldwide Projector Forecast June 16, PMA Research, LTD. Projectors using DLP technology account for the highest percent of units in each of the following PMA illumination type categories: laser; laser/LED; laser/phosphor; and LED (mainstream and high end industry segments).

** 2014 Academy Award® of Merit (Oscar® statuette) to Larry Hornbeck for the invention of the digital micromirror technology as used in DLP Cinema projection.