TI DLP® Pico projection

Enabling compact, efficient applications across mobile, wearable, smart TV and more.

Mobile device projection

Embedded projection from smartphones and tablets provide the ability to display on virtually any surface. Share projected pictures, videos, web pages and business presentations directly from a mobile device.

Pico projectors

Pico projectors allow one to share ideas, present information or sit back and watch a movie on the wall – without the weight and bulk of a traditional projector.

Wearable displays

Wearable displays such as helmets, headsets, or glasses display an image in one’s field of view. DLP technology enables bright, power efficient wearable displays.

Smart home displays

Smart Home displays can present interactive information to users of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the home, such as lighting, thermostats, appliances, and more.

Digital signage

Digital signage is a category of displays designed for commercial and industrial spaces, including retailers, stadiums, casinos, hotels, restaurants, and airports.

Mobile smart TVs

Imagine a big screen entertainment experience from a tiny portable projector that can project bright HD images on virtually any surface.