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C6000™ High Performance Multicore DSPs


TMS320C6472 high-performance multicore DSP processors deliver up to 4.2 GHz of processing and 40% less power at 2/3 the cost.

TMS320C6472Three different speed versions enable manufacturers to develop process-intensive products requiring maximum power efficiency for applications such as high-end computing, mission critical, test and measurement, communications, medical imaging and high end image and video. C6472 key features and benefits:

  • Includes six high speed C64x+™ DSP cores running at 500 MHz, 625 MHz and 700 MHz each, and backwards compatibility with other C64x DSPs
  • Offers industry’s best power efficiency with 3 GHz performance at 0.15 mW/MIPS
  • Highest performance multicore DSP with up to 4.2 GHz/33600 MMACs and 4.8 MB on-chip L1/L2 RAM
  • Low cost EVM priced at $349 to enable affordable development and fast time to market
  • 768 KB of shared L2 program/data memory and shared memory controller
  • Broad range of peripherals including Gigabit Ethernet, SRIO, DDR2, TSIP, HPI, Utopia, I2C, GPIO and more

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