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C6000™ High Performance Multicore DSPs


TMS320C66x high-performance multicore DSPs combine fixed- and floating-point capabilities, delivering innovation and performance at unmatched levels

Sitara ImageThe industry’s highest performing multicore DSPs combine both fixed- and floating-point capabilities for the first time in the TMS320C66x generation of scalable devices. The new generation includes three new multicore processors, the TMS320C6672, TMS320C6674 and TMS320C6678, and a four-core TMS320C6670 communications system-on-a-chip (SoC).

The devices deliver up to 10 GHz of performance at the lowest power levels, making them suitable for developing products for applications such as mission critical, medical and high-end imaging, test and automation, high-performance computing and core networking.

TMS320C66x high-performance multicore DSPs key features include:

  • Coprocessing, fixed and floating-point operation and optimized inter-element communication due to TI’s KeyStone architecture
  • Variety of processor options integrating up to eight C66x cores, including:
    • Value-optimized, dual-core C6672 in 1 GHz or 1.25 GHz speed options
    • Power-optimized C6674 with four cores or C6678 with up to eight cores. Both are available in 1 GHz, or 1.25 GHz speeds
    • Performance-optimized, four core C6670 SoC, in 1 GHz or 1.2 GHz speeds
  • Industry’s first 10 GHz DSP featuring 320 GMACs and 160 GFLOPs of fixed- and floating-point performance
  • 100% code compatibility with C64x™ fixed-point and C67x™ floating-point devices
  • Multicore entitlement with features such as Multicore Navigator, Layer 1/2 acceleration, PCI Express, and improved memory architecture
  • Full range of peripherals and power optimization techniques
  • Field-hardened compiler and development tools, robust ecosystem and numerous hardware vendor partnerships

C66x High-Performance Multicore DSP Resources

Development Tools & Software

Learn more about the TMDXEVM6678 Evaluation Module and TMDXEVM6670 Evaluation Module options to begin designing and evaluating the new C66x high-performance multicore DSPs.

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