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TI's new multicore System-on-Chips (SoCs) are truly revitalizing cloud computing, injecting excitement into pivotal infrastructure systems. With an unmatched combination of TMS320C66x DSP cores, ARM® Cortex™-A15 MPcore™ processors, packet processing, security processing and Ethernet switching, TI is transforming the real-time cloud into an optimized high performance, power efficient processing platform. Targeted for applications such as networking, radar, imaging, high performance computing, gaming and media processing, TI's new KeyStone multicore processors offer developers more than twice the capacity & performance at half the power relative to existing solutions.


KeyStone Multicore SoCs Features Applications
66AK2E02 1 Cortex -A15 processor
1 TMS320C66x DSP
Enterprise video, IP cameras (IPNC), traffic systems (ITS), video analytics, industrial imaging, voice gateways, portable medical devices
66AK2E05 4 Cortex -A15 processors
1 TMS320C66x DSP
66AK2H06 2 Cortex -A15 processors
4 TMS320C66x DSPs
High performance computing, media processing, video conferencing, off-line image processing and analytics, gaming, security digital video recorders (DVR/NVR), virtual desktop infrastructure, medical imaging
66AK2H12 4 Cortex -A15 processors
8 TMS320C66x DSPs
AM5K2E02 2 Cortex -A15 processors Cloud infrastructure, routers, switches, networking control plane, wireless transport, radio network control, industrial sensor control
AM5K2E04 4 Cortex -A15 processors



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