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Ball grid array (BGA) packages having 0.5mm ball pitch require careful attention to printed circuit board (PCB) design parameters to successfully yield reliable and robust assemblies. PCBs with package-on-package (PoP) technology have additional assembly requirements and options that need to be considered when designing the PCB.

Fine-pitch PCB design is a team effort and may require more than a common list of design rules. Close coordination and communication between component supplier, PCB designer, PCB fabricator, and PCB assembly vendor is mandatory.

The following factors have a major effect on the quality and reliability of PCB assembly: pad design, via-in-pad (VIP) guidelines, via finishing, stencil design, solder paste requirements, solder paste deposition, and reflow profile. This application report provides a starting point for estblishing a set of design guidelines. It is strongly recommended that you perform actual studies in conjunction with your PCB assembly vendor and PCB fabricator to optimize the process.