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October 2008

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High-Performance Analog >> Your Way


2.7-V to 5.5-V, 12-bit, 3-MSPS Serial ADC: The ADS7883 is the smallest (SOT-23) 12-bit, 3-MSPS ADC on the market. The high level of the digital input to the device is not limited to device VDD, which means the digital input can go as high as 5.5V when device supply is 2.7V.
  • INL: ±1 LSB (max)
  • 48-MHz serial interface
  • Applications: Medical instruments, optical sensors, battery-powered systems, high-speed data acquisition
ADS7883 Price (1ku): $1.85


16-Channel, Constant-Current LED Driver with LED Open Detection: The TLC5928 is a 16-channel, constant current sink driver that allows each channel to be turned on/off by writing serial data to an internal register. The constant current value of all 16 channels is set by a single external resistor and has two error detection circuits.

  • Constant current: 2 ~ 35mA
  • High-speed switching: 10-ns transient time
  • Applications: LED video displays, message boards, amusement illumination

TLC5928 Price (1ku): $0.60

24-Channel, 12-Bit PWM LED Driver with Internal Oscillator: Each channel of the TLC5947 constant current sink driver has individually adjustable 4096-step gray-scale control function. PWM control is repeated automatically with programmed gray-scale data, writable via a serial interface port.  
  • Data transfer rate: 30MHz (standalone)
  • VCC: 3.0 ~ 5.5V
  • Applications: Static LED displays, message boards, amusement illumination, TV backlighting

TLC5947 Price (1ku): $2.00

500-mA, 6-MHz Synchronous Step-Down Converter in Chip-Scale Package: The TPS62601 is the smallest, 500-mA DC/DC solution available. It supports up to 600-mA load currents and allows the use of low-cost chip inductors and capacitors.

  • Several fixed voltage output versions from 1V to 2.9V
  • 89% efficiency at 6-MHz operation; quiescent current: 35µA
  • Applications: Cell phones, smart-phones, PDAs, pocket PCs, portable hard disk drives
TPS62601 Price (1ku): $1.46

150-mA, LDO with Ultra-Low 500-nA IQ and Dual-Level Output Voltage: The TPS780270200 is a 150-mA LDO with an ultra-low 500-nA quiescent current and dynamic voltage scaling. The VSET pin allows the end user to switch between two voltage levels on-the-fly through a microprocessor-compatible input.
  • Low dropout: 200mV at 150mA
  • 3% accuracy over load/line/temperature
  • Applications: MSP430 attach applications, battery-powered devices, PDAs, MP3 players
TPS780270200 Price (1ku): $0.65

Digital Power Point-of-Load System Controller: The UCD9240 is a multi-rail, multi-phase synchronous buck digital PWM controller designed for non-isolated DC/DC power applications. It integrates dedicated circuitry for DC/DC loop management with flash memory and a serial interface to support configurability, monitoring and management.
  • PWM resolution: 250ps
  • Programmable switching frequency: up to 2MHz
  • Applications: Telecom and datacom, servers, data storage, industrial test
UCD9240 Price (1ku): $4.50


Lowest Power Audio Codec for Portable Devices: The TLV320AIC3254 is a 1.8-V audio codec featuring PowerTune™ technology to optimize power consumption under any usage model. The device integrates miniDSP audio processing engines to make it easier to design advanced audio features. TI's PurePath™ Studio development toolset eases design complexity and speeds time to market.
  • Consumes as little as 2.4 mW in stereo playback at 90-dB SNR
  • Single-supply up to 3.6 V
  • Applications: Handsets, portable navigation and portable media
TLV320AIC3254 Price (3ku): $5.45

Digital Audio SoC for Multi-Channel Applications: The TAS3218 is a highly integrated digital audio SoC designed for multi-channel applications. It contains a high-precision, high-MIP digital audio processor that is fully programmable with a graphical, drag-and-drop code development environment.
  • 10:1 input MUX, stereo ADC, 6 DAC outputs and 3 stereo analog pass-through lineout channels
  • 135-MHz, 48-bit fixed point digital core
  • Applications: Automotive audio head units, car navigation
TAS3218 Price (1ku): $6.70

2.75-W, Fixed-Gain, Mono, Filter-Free Class-D Audio Power Amp: The TPA2035D1 is a 2.75-W, fully differential Class-D amplifier designed to drive a speaker with a minimum impedance of 4Ω and is able to automatically recover from over-current.
  • Short-circuit auto recovery
  • Supply voltage: 2.5V to 5.5.V, ~75dB PSRR
  • Applications: Cell phones, wireless handsets, smart phones, PDAs, portable navigation devices
TPA2035D1 Price (1ku): $0.65

Full Bridge Motor Driver: Designed to control DC motors using pulse width modulation, the DRV8800 is capable of peak output currents up to ±2.8A and operating voltages up to 36V. The phase and enable control inputs allow for PWM control of direction, thus allowing for power savings.
  • Low ON-resistance outputs
  • Synchronous rectification
  • Applications: Ink jet printers, security cameras, vending machines, small industrial applications
DRV8800 Price (1ku): $1.25


RF Front End: The CC2590 RF Front End, designed for all existing and future RF transceivers and System-on-Chip solutions from TI, increases the link budget by providing a power amplifier for improved output power and an LNA with low noise for improved receiver sensitivity.

  • PA, LNA, switches, RF-matching, and balun for simple design
  • Applications: High performance wireless applications

CC2590 Price (100ku) $2.85


IEC Level 4 ESD-Protected, 0.75-Ω SPDT Analog Switch: The TS5A12301E is a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) analog switch that operates from 2.25V to 5.5V and has a 1.8-V logic compatible input logic. It offers low ON-state resistance with excellent channel-to-channel ON-state resistance matching.
  • Specified break-before-make switching
  • Power supply: 1.65V to 5.5V
  • Applications: Cell phones, PDAs, portable instrumentation, battery-powered equipment, audio and video signal routing
TS5A12301E Price (1ku): $0.43

SD/SDIO Port Expander with Voltage Level Shifter: The TXS02612 is a six-channel, 1-to-2 MUX with integrated voltage translator optimized for multiplexing between two Secure Digital (SD), SDIO, or Multi-Media Cards (MMCs). The integrated level-translator eliminates I/O voltage mismatches between processor and peripherals.
  • Latch-up performance exceeds 100mA per JESD 78, Class II
  • VCC range: 1.1V to 3.6V; tPD: 5.2ns (max)
  • Applications: Mobile handsets, portable navigation devices, notebook computing, mobile Internet devices
TXS20612 Price (1ku): $1.03


New Applications System Block Diagrams:


Beagle Board Based on OMAP3530 processor: TI participates in a number of open-source industry initiatives and open-source projects that lead to products like the Beagle Board, a low-cost, fanless, single-board computer. The Beagle Board may inspire collaboration software for integration into form-factor and innovative human interfaces. Check out TI's open-source projects Web site.
Beagle Board based on OMAP3530 processor


New E2E Online Community: At our new online E2E (engineer-to-engineer) community, you can view videos, read blogs, or access our tech support forums. Browse the forums and you’ll see answers to questions others have asked, or you can post your own question and a TI engineer or forum member will answer. Click the blog link to find commentary on the latest trends in the rapidly emerging Mobile Internet Device market. Video topics include processors and low-power RF.

2008-2009 Power Supply Design Seminar: Provides rich technical and practical presentations that combine new advanced power supply concepts, basic design principles and real-world application examples. Held at locations worldwide in 2008 and 2009.

Technology Days 2008: Join TI for a day packed with technical design sessions and technology exhibits. The seminar is aimed at providing a learning forum where practical high-performance design solutions, tools, techniques, topologies and examples will be presented.  Various dates and locations throughout North and South America.


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