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Two 1-Bit, 10-MHz, 2nd-Order ΔΣ Modulators with ±2.3-V Specified Input Range: Designed for use in high-resolution measurement applications, the ADS1209 features the industry’s widest current range, resulting in improved over-current detection in cases where the current exceeds normal operation. The differential inputs are ideal for direct connection to signal sources in an industrial environment.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, EVM, IBIS model, anti-aliasing calculation tool, op amp to ADC circuit topology calculator
  • Can achieve 16-bit A/D conversion with no missing codes
  • Excellent DC and drift performance
  • Applications: Current measurement, industrial process control, resolvers, motor control, instrumentation
ADS1209 Price (1ku): $4.50 – $4.95
Low-Noise, 14-kSPS, 24-Bit A/D Converter: The ADS1259 is a high-linearity, low-drift, 24-bit ADC designed for industrial process control, precision instrumentation, and other exacting applications. The device, combined with the PGA280 signal amplifier, forms a data acquisition chipset capable of digitizing a wide range of signals from low-level transducers (such as thermocouples) to high-level process control signals (±10V).
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, EVM, performance demonstration kit (PDK), IBIS model, ADCPro™ ADC evaluation software
  • INL: 0.00004% (typ), 0.0003% (max)
  • 5ppm/C (max) 2.5-V internal VREF with 10-mA output current
  • Applications: Industrial process control, scientific instrumentation

ADS1259 Price (1ku): $5.60 – $7.40

14-Bit, 250-MSPS Low-Power ADC: With only 260mW of power consumption, the ADS4149 is the lowest power 14-bit, 250-MSPS ADC—30% lower than the next lowest alternative. The device enables extended battery life, smaller battery sizes and higher density in portable applications.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, video, EVM, ADC harmonic calculator
  • Achieves as much as 3dB better SNR over competing devices
  • High-performance 14-bit ADC core: 72.5-dBFS SNR and 81-dBc SFDR at
    100-MHz IF
  • Applications: Multi-barrier, wide-bandwidth communications
ADS4149 Price (100u): $111.25
12-Bit, 1000-MSPS ADC with Analog Input Buffer: The ADS5400 is the first 12-bit ADC to run to 1GSPS, allowing the device to provide unmatched linearity (SFDR) for input frequencies over 500MHz with as much as 500MHz of instantaneous signal bandwidth.
Resources: Data sheet, video, EVM
  • High dynamic performance from DC to 4th Nyquist
  • On-chip inter-leaving trim adjustments enable multi-gigasample digitizers to maintain 12-bit resolution and performance
  • Applications: Test and measurement instrumentation, ultra-wideband software-defined radio, data acquisition, power amp linearization, signal intelligence and jamming, radar
ADS5400 Price (100u): $775.00
2.7-V~5.5-V, 16-Bit 500-kSPS Low-Power Serial ADC: The ADS8331/32 family offers the highest-performance multi-channel, 16-bit, 500-kSPS SAR ADC at the widest supply range. It allows for user flexibility with space-saving features in the MUX breakout and wide supply range functionality for the low-power operation ideal in portable applications.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, IBIS model
  • High data rates at low power: 500kSPS at 14.2mW, 250kSPS at 8.7mW
  • Excellent AC performance: 91.5-dB SNR, 101-dB SFDR, –100-dB THD
  • Applications: Communications, transducer interfaces, medical instruments, magnetometers, industrial process control, data acquisition systems, automatic test equipment
ADS8331 Price (1ku): $5.50 – $7.05
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Small, Efficient 4-A Switch Buck-Boost Converter: The TPS63020 is the smallest and highest performance 4-A switch buck-boost converter for portable electronics. The device enables high current with high efficiency over an input of 1.8 V to 5.5 V, maintaining excellent light load efficiency.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, video, EVM
  • High output current capability with up to 96% efficiency
  • Dynamic input current limit protects the IC and system
  • Supports current and new one-cell lithium-based batteries or 2- or 3-cell Alkaline, NiCd or NiMH
  • Applications: Smartphones, portable medical meters, DLP® Pico projectors
TPS63020 Price (1ku): $2.50 – $2.75
1-A, Single-Input, Single-Cell, Li-Ion Battery Charger with 10-kΩ NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient): The bq24090 is a highly integrated, cost-effective Li-Ion linear charging device for portable applications. The device operates from either a USB port or AC adapter, and a single power output that charges the battery.
Resources: Data sheet, EVM
  • High input voltage range with input overvoltage protection supports low-cost unregulated adapters
  • Selectable 100-mA or 500-mA USB current limit for protection against poor USB sources
  • Applications: Smartphones, PDAs, MP3 players
bq24090 Price (1ku): $0.90 – $1.00
Fully Integrated Switch-Mode, 1-Cell, Li-Ion Charger with Full USB Compliance: Designed for fast charging in portable applications, the bq24180 integrates a synchronous PWM controller, power MOSFETs, input current sensing, overvoltage protection, high-accuracy current and voltage regulation, and charge termination in a small WCSP package. Charge parameters are programmable using an I²C-compatible interface.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, EVM
  • 3-MHz DC/DC
  • Charge voltage regulation accuracy: ±0.5% (25°C)
  • Applications: Mobile phones and smartphones, portable media players, handheld devices
bq24180 Price (1ku): $2.20 – $2.45
Single-Cell, Li-Ion Battery Fuel Gauge for Battery Pack Integration: The bq27541 is a cost-effective, highly accurate, secure battery pack-authenticated fuel gauge in a small QFN package. The bq27541 uses the patented Impedance Track™ algorithm to provide information such as remaining battery capacity (mAh), state-of-charge (%), run-time to empty (min.), battery voltage (mV), and temperature.
Resources: Data sheet
  • I²C or HDQ communication for flexibility
  • Integrated support for secure battery pack authentication using SHA-1/HMAC algorithm
  • Applications: Smartphones, PDAs, digital still and video cameras, handheld terminals, MP3 and multimedia players
bq27541-V200 Price (1ku): $1.45 – $1.60
150-mA, Ultra-Low Quiescent Current, Iq 0.5µA, Low-Dropout Linear Regulator: The TPS78330 LDO offers system designers a low-cost, ultra-low Iq (500nA) solution in a miniature (TSOT23-5) package. Features such as thermal shutdown, enable and current limit make this the ideal device for 1- or 2-cell coin, 2-cell alkaline or single-cell lithium-ion battery powered applications.
Resources: Data sheet
  • Dropout voltage: 130mV @ 150mA
  • Stable with 1-µF ceramic output capacitor
  • Applications: MSP430™ MCU attach, power rails with programming mode, wireless handsets, smartphones, PDAs, MP3 players, battery operated handheld products

 TPS78330 Price (1ku): $0.48 – $0.55

Tiny 3-Channel Power Management Unit with 2 DC/DC Converters and 1 LDO: Available in a 2x2mm WCSP package, the TPS657051/52 features two 400-mA step-down converters, a 200-mA low dropout linear regulator, and additional supporting functions. The devices are ideal for extreme space-limited applications like webcams or heat/noise-sensitive camera modules.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, EVM
  • Automatic PFM/PWM operation
  • Smallest total solution <5x5mm
  • Applications: Digital cameras, portable media players, handheld equipment
TPS657051 Price (1ku): $1.20 – $1.35
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2-Channel EMI Filter for Audio Headphones: Designed to suppress EMI/RFI noise in all systems subjected to electromagnetic interferences with an integrated 5-nF capacitor, the TPD2F702 is optimized for AVIF connector or speaker-port interfaces. This low-pass filter array provides system-level ESD protection, eliminating the need for external ESD clamps.
Resources: Data sheet
  • 3dB attenuation at 2MHz
  • Pi-style C-R-C topology with –3dB bandwidth at 200MHz
  • Applications: Mobile phones, PDAs, headsets, portable gaming
TPD2F702 Price (1ku): $0.15
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System Block Diagrams:
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DC/DC Conversion Quick-Reference Guide (Rev. C)
Application Notes:
Using the CDC3S04 – Single Ended Clock Signals
A Guide to Voltage Translation with TXB-Type Translators
How to Transfer bq27541 Into Hibernate Mode
AM3517/05 Power Reference Design 3.6-V to 6.3-V Input, High-Efficiency, Integrated 5-Output PMIC
Discrete Charge Pump Design
MSP430 Microcontroller Software for Handheld Fuel Gauge & Battery Authentication

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PMSM Control Techniques: PWM Mod Techniques
PMSM Control Techniques: FOC/Torque Control
Analog Signal Processing for Speed/Position Sensors
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Technology Days 2010Technology Days 2010: Make plans to join TI for a day
packed with technical design sessions and technology exhibits.
The seminars provide a learning forum where practical
high-performance design solutions, tools, techniques,
topologies and examples will be presented.
First dates and locations are:
  • May 19 – MN
  • May 26 – Chicago, IL
  • June 8 – Atlanta, GA
  • June 16 – Cleveland, OH
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System Optimization for Netbooks, Ultra-Mobile PCs, and Mobile Internet Devices,” by Jinrong Qian. ECN, January 2010.
How to Dim a WLED Backlight Driver,” by Jeff Falin. LED Journal, January 2010.
POWER TIP #19: Easily create multiple negative output voltages,” by Robert Kollman. Power Management DesignLine, January 2010.
Some tips for charging from USB sources - Part 1 of 2,” by Will Hadden. Power Management DesignLine, January 2010.
Some tips for charging from USB sources - Part 2 of 2,” by Will Hadden. Power Management DesignLine, January 2010.
BAKER'S BEST: Jitter and the ins and outs of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR),” by Bonnie Baker. EDN, January 2010.
SCB (Part 37): Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS),” by Thomas Kugelstadt. Planet Analog, January 2010.
SCB (Part 38): Single-Supply Precision Rectifiers,” by Rick Downs. Planet Analog, February 2010.
SCB (Part 39): Portable audio designers are excited about Class-G audio amplifier architecture,” by ShreHarsha Rao. Planet Analog, March 2010.

Extend the range of low-power RF devices without exceeding FCC regulations,” by Thomas Almholt. RF DesignLine, February 2010.

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