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Part 1: Setting up the bq275xx EVM
Part 2: Using the bq275xx EVM Software
Part 3: Optimizing the bq275xx EVM with bqEASY™

Featured Block Diagram

Featured Block Diagram
Automotive Vision Control

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12-Bit, 2-MSPS, Dual-Channel, Pseudo-Differential MicroPower Serial SAR ADC: The ADS7947/8/9 family offers outstanding true 12-bit performance, a dedicated power-down mode enable pin to simplify power-down implementation, and a wide supply range (2.8V to 5.25V). Precision offset and gain over temperature eliminate the need for temperature calibration, reducing system cost and complexity.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, IBIS model

  • 3-mm x 3-mm QFN; -40°C to 125°C operation; SPI interface
  • Applications: Optical networking, instrumentation and control systems, portable systems, battery monitoring, high-speed data acquisition, and X/Y positioning

ADS7947: Price (1ku): $1.95 – $2.10

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Li-Ion Battery Monitor and Secondary Protection IC for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles: The bq76PL536 monitors individual cell voltages in large lithium battery packs with an accuracy of ±1mV, allowing the system to accurately determine state of charge. A single device can manage up to 6 series cells, and multiple devices can be stacked for high-voltage packs up to 192 cells.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, app note

  • Communicates chip-to-chip using a current-based SPI bus, eliminating additional isolation components
  • Simplifies system-level assembly by allowing connection of cells to the chip in any order
  • Applications: UPS, e-bike, e-scooter, large-format battery systems, electric and hybrid-electric vehicles

bq76PL536: Price (1ku): $5.00 – $5.50


4.5-V to 18-V Input, 4-A Synchronous Step-Down SWIFT™ Converter with
D-CAP2™ Mode
: The TPS54425 features integrated low- (55mΩ) and high-side (65mΩ) MOSFETs that provide high efficiency at full loads—90% at 4A. An easy-to-use, adaptive on-time (D-CAP2 mode) architecture enables a fast transient response time without compensation components.
Resources: Data sheet, evaluation module

  • Adjustable soft-start time
  • Power good and enable pins
  • Applications: Digital TV power supplies, high-def Blu-ray players, networking home terminals, digital set-top boxes

TPS54425: Price (1ku): $1.75 – $2.10


8-Channel LED Driver Controller with Integrated Intelligent Thermal Controller: TLC5960/61 allows for 20% less wasted power through intelligent headroom monitoring (iHVM™) compared to existing solutions, while saving board space through integration of necessary control circuitry.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram

  • 4-channel PWM input control and easy dimming interfaces (digital and analog)
  • Integrated 24-V VIN to 5-V output LDO
  • Applications: LED backlights for LCD-TV and high-current LED lighting

TLC5960: Price (1ku): $1.15 – $1.30


2-V to 15-V, 75-mA, 96%-Efficient Step-Down Converter: Optimized to work with high-output impedance energy sources, the TPS62120 achieves 15-mVpp output ripple with a small 4.7-µF output capacitor. The device features a wide hysteresis window for the Undervoltage Lock-Out threshold (UVLO), allowing charging of the input capacitor to assure a smooth startup from high-impedance sources such as solar panels, piezoelectric, inductive, or electromechanical energy harvesting elements.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, evaluation module, PSpice Model

  • Active output discharge; power good pin
  • Applications: Ideal for small battery-powered and micro power energy harvesting applications such as wireless sensor and control networks, active RFID tags, or powered smartcards

TPS62120: Price (1ku): $0.95 – $0.95


Resonant-Switching Driver Controller for LED Lighting: The TPS92020's high efficiency allows tighter and smaller form factors, providing an ideal solution for higher power LED lighting applications. The patent-pending architecture can save 40% in multi-LED string applications.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram

  • Over 90% efficiency at full load, with optimized efficiency over the entire power output operating range
  • 8-pin controller for half-bridge topology
  • Applications: LED displays, commercial/industrial LED lighting, low- or high-bay LED lighting, street LED lighting, area LED lighting, and stadium LED lighting

TPS92020: Price (1ku): $0.80 – $1.00


Advanced PWM Controller with Integrated Pre-Bias Start-up Capability: The UCC28250 allows output voltage to rise smoothly and monotonically without undershoot or overshoot. A smooth, controlled voltage rise is necessary in most applications so that downstream load circuits can power up correctly.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, evaluation module (primary side control), evaluation module (secondary side control)

  • Synchronous rectifier control outputs with programmable delays, including zero delay, enable over 90% efficiency with minimal body diode conduction
  • Applications: Telecom and datacom power, wireless base station power, server power, industrial power systems

UCC28250: Price (1ku): $1.70 – $2.00

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Low-Noise, Low-Power, 36-V, Op Amp: The OPA209 series of precision op amps achieves very low voltage noise density (2.2nV/√Hz) with a supply current of only 2.5mA (max). In precision data acquisition applications, the device provides fast settling time to 6-bit accuracy, even for 10-V output swings.
Resources: Data sheet, scope diagram, PSpice Model, TINA-TI Reference Design, TINA-TI Spice Model

  • Low offset voltage: 150-µV max gain bandwidth
  • Applications: PLL loop filters, low-noise, low-power signal processing, low-noise instrumentation amps, high-performance ADC drivers, high-performance DAC output amps, active filters, ultrasound amps, professional audio preamps, low-noise frequency synthesizers

OPA2209: Price (1ku): $1.65 – $2.00


6-Channel Video Amp with 3-SD and 3-Full-HD Filters, 6-dB Gain: The THS7364 is a low-power video amplifier with integrated Full-HD (1080p60) low-pass filters that can support a wide range of video systems, allowing one hardware solution to support a variety of models with varying feature sets. The device consumes 68% less power than the nearest competitor and supports the requirement for greener consumer electronics and Energy Star compliance.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, evaluation module

  • Integrated 6th-order Butterworth fixed filters
  • 3x SD channels: -3dB at 9.5MHz; 3x Full-HD Channels: -3dB at 72MHz
  • Applications: Set-top box output video buffering, PVR/DVDR output buffering, Blu-ray output video buffer

THS7364: Price (1ku): $0.80 – $0.95

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25-W Stereo I²S Audio Amp with Speaker EQ, 2-Band DRC, and DC Protection: Larger output FETs and reduced RDSON make the TAS5715 ideal for driving 4-Ω loads and delivering higher power with improved thermal performance. The device's advanced audio processing coupled with direct-connect I²S support reduces system cost and improves audio performance.
Resources: Data sheet

  • Up to 8 speaker EQ BQs per channel allow the sound to be "tuned" to a desired level or deliver high-quality audio out of low-performing/low-cost speakers and enclosures
  • Up to 7-biquads per channel with 2-band DRC

TAS5715: Price (1ku): $2.25 – $2.50

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Low-Voltage, 24-Bit I²C and SMBus I/O Expander: With its wide VCC range, the TCA6424A interfaces with next-generation microprocessors and microcontrollers on the SDA/SCL side, where supply levels are dropping down to conserve power.
Resources: Data sheet

  • Bidirectional voltage-level translation and GPIO expansion
  • VCC range of 1.65V to 5.5V on I²C and I/O side
  • Applications: Temperature, fan and audio controls, humidity sensors, LED status indicators, hardware control monitor, and keypad control

TCA6424A: Price (1ku): $0.95

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Metering: Gas and Water
Automotive Vision Control
Energy Harvesting
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Transportation Safety Brochure
DC/DC Converter Selector Guide - Quick Reference Card for Automotive Applications
Application Notes:
DAC Post-Filter Design Based on DRV6xx Family
XIO2213B Implementation Guide
SN65LVDS348 versus SN65LVDS349
TPD12S015 PCB Layout Guidelines
bq246xx Device Comparison
Optimizing Power Consumption and Power-Up Overshoot Using TPS54160A-Q1 Family
Using the bq24650 to Charge a Sealed, Lead-Acid Battery
Implementing a Buck Converter with the TPS23753A
Demystifying DRAM Jitter, Part 1: Basics
Demystifying DRAM Jitter, Part 2: DRAM Input Jitter
Demystifying DRAM Jitter, Part 3: DRAM Output Jitter
Clocking the Signal Path: Part 1
Clocking the Signal Path: Part 2
Highest-Performing AFEs for Superior Ultrasound
Coexistence Test of PurePath™ Wireless Audio
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FPGA-Based System Design with High-Speed Data Converters (in Europe): Join design experts from Avnet Electronics Marketing and Texas Instruments for an in-depth and hands-on, two-day workshop that will focus on integrating high-speed data converters using FPGA-based digital signal processing techniques. Attendees will work with the latest generation Xilinx Virtex®-6 platform, tightly coupled with TI's high-speed data converters. Workshops in Germany, France, Italy, and Sweden.  Register now.


Technology Days 2010: The seminars provide a learning forum where practical high-performance design solutions, tools, techniques, topologies and examples will be presented. Each Tech Day includes Power Supply Design Seminar presentations.

  • November 11 – Orlando, FL
  • November 30 – Austin, TX

2010-2011 TI Power Supply Seminar: This seminar provides technical and practical presentations that combine new advanced power supply concepts, basic design principles and real-world application examples. It is appropriate both for those learning and those experienced in power supply design.

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TI's first wafer fabrication facility in China will put manufacturing closer to the company's growing customer base there. Located in the Chengdu High-Tech Zone (CDHT), considered by many to be China's next major technology hub, TI Chengdu will further expand TI's analog production capacity.

The fab, a fully equipped 200-mm manufacturing facility, was purchased from Cension Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. It includes an operating 120,000-square-foot fab that can support more than $1 billion in annual revenue and a 134,000-square-foot fab reserved for future production needs.

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System System Stability – Intelligence can be Outside the Processor,” by Carmen Gonzalez. Bodo's Power Systems (pages 36-37), July 2010.
SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0): More Than Just a Speed Increase,” by Dan Harmon. Planet Analog, July 2010.
Signal Chain Basics #43: Active Filters,” by Rick Downs. Planet Analog, July 2010.
Power Tip 25: Improve a Power Supply's Load Transient Response--Part 2,” by Robert Kollman. Power Management DesignLine, July 2010.
BAKER'S BEST: Beyond Timing, Accuracy, and Repeatability,” by Bonnie Baker. EDN, July 2010.
A New Approach for Driving High-Power LED Lighting Applications,” by James Aliberti. LED Journal, October 2010.
Meeting the Challenges for Portable Power Devices,” by Juergen Neuhaeusler. Electronic Products, August 2010.
Efficiency Comparison of Synchronous Buck Converter PoL Architectures,” by Rich Nowakowski and Brian King. Electronic Products, August 2010.
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