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Low Power 12-Bit, Octal-Channel, Ultra-Low Glitch, Voltage Output, 2-Wire I²C Interface DAC with 2.5-V Internal Reference: The DAC7678, developed for power amp control for base station developers, can be used in any application that requires a high number of DACs (up to 8), good performance (1 LSB INL, ultra-low glitch), low power (0.28mW per channel) and low board density.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, evaluation module, IBIS model

  • Internal reference with low 5ppm/C drift
  • Ultra-small package QFN-24, TSSOP-16
  • Applications: Portable instrumentation, closed-loop servo control, process control, data acquisition systems, PC peripherals, programmable attenuation

DAC7678: Price (1ku): $6.00 – $7.20


12-Bit, 160-MSPS, Low-Power ADC: The ADS4126 provides the lowest power consumption (201mW) for 12 bits of resolution at 160MSPS, a savings of 5% (10mW) or greater compared to competing devices. Coupled with 2-dB better SNR, it allows designers to save power and improve performance over other 12-bit designs or reduce costs by migrating from competing 14-bit ADCs without sacrificing SNR or SFDR performance.
Resources: Data sheet, evaluation module, app note

  • 6-dB gain in 1-dB steps for SNR/SFDR trade-off
  • High-performance 12-bit ADC core: 69.7-dBFS SNR and 86-dBc SFDR at
    100-MHz IF
  • Applications: Portable, wide-bandwidth, software-defined radio, test and measurement and communications systems

ADS4126: Price (1ku): $26.00 – $31.00

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1.6-MHz Synchronous, Switch-Mode, Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Standalone Battery Charger: The bq24170/172 charger, with two integrated N-channel power MOSFETs, offers a constant-frequency synchronous PWM controller with high accuracy regulation of input current, charge current, and voltage. It closely monitors the battery pack temperature to allow charge only in a preset temperature window, providing battery detection, pre-conditioning, charge termination, and charge status monitoring.
Resources: Data sheet, evaluation module-5V, evaluation module-15V, calculation tool

  • Up to 94% efficiency
  • Supports PowerPath™
  • Applications: Tablets, netbooks, portable data capture terminals, printers, medical meters, portable battery bay chargers

bq24170: Price (1ku): $2.20 – $2.55


4.5-V to 18-V Input, 3-A Synchronous Step-Down SWIFT™ Converter: With
D-CAP2™ architecture, the TPS54327 provides better than 20-µs transient response time, one-fourth the response time of typical current mode or voltage mode control using similar 22-µF ceramic output capacitors. As a result, output voltage ripple less than 10mV is achievable without compensation components and tedious loop response calculations.
Resources: Data sheet, block diagram, evaluation module

  • Integrated 100-mΩ  high-side and 70-mΩ low-side MOSFETs
  • 700-kHz switching frequency allows 50% smaller inductor value
  • Applications: TV: LCD/digital, Blu-ray optical drive, set-top box, home automation control panel

TPS54327: Price (1ku): $1.55 – $1.75


2.95-V to 6-V Input, 6-A, 2-MHz Synchronous Step-Down SWIFT™ DC/DC Converter: The TPS54618 enables small designs by integrating two MOSFETs; implementing current mode control to reduce external component count; reducing inductor size by enabling up to 2-MHz switching frequency; and minimizing the IC footprint with a small 3mm×3mm thermally-enhanced QFN package.
Resources: Data sheet, evaluation module, Power Stage Designer™ tool, design calculator tool

  • Accurate regulation for a variety of loads with an accurate ±1% voltage reference (VREF) over temperature
  • Frequency adjustable from 200kHz to 2MHz
  • Applications: Communications and telecom, server, workstations, compact PCI and PCI Express, DSP/FPGA embedded processors

TPS54618: Price (1ku): $2.85 – $3.30

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Dual-Supply Standby SIM Card Multiplexer Expander with Translator: The TXS02326 switches between two active SIM cards in a phone. A BSI pin automatically shuts down and protects the SIM card when the battery is removed; an SDN pin enables hot swapping of the secondary (non-primary) SIM card.
Resources: Data sheet

  • Debounce circuitry prevents SIM card deactivation when the phone is dropped
  • Integrated, 50-mA LDO regulator
  • Applications: Cell phones

TXS02326: Price (1ku): $1.45

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Smallest 36-V, Low-Power RRO General-Purpose Op Amp: The OPA171 features low offset, drift, and bandwidth with low quiescent current (475µA/ch) in micro-packages (SOT553 single, VSSOP dual). Unlike op amps specified at only one supply voltage, the OPAx171 family is specified from +2.7V to +36V; input signals beyond the supply rails do not cause phase reversal.
Resources: Data sheet, reference design, spice model

  • Offset voltage: 1.8mV (max); offset voltage drift: 0.3µV/°C; low bias current: 8pA
  • Single, dual, and quad versions all have identical specifications for maximum design flexibility
  • Applications: Tracking amps in power modules, merchant power supplies, transducer amps, strain gauge amps, precision integrators, battery-powered instruments

OPA171: Price (1ku): $0.40 – $0.48


Three-Phase PWM Motor Driver: The DRV8312 is the highest power 3-phase motor driver available without a heat sink. It makes possible integrated drivers with extended protection for power levels up to 50V and 6.5-A peak output, previously only attainable with discrete solutions.
Resources: Data sheet

  • Advanced architecture with efficiency up to 97%
  • Intelligent gate drive and cross conduction prevention
  • Applications: BLDC motors, three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors, inverters, half-bridge drivers, robotic control systems

DRV8312: Price (1ku): $3.30 – $3.60

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25-W Stereo I²S Audio Amp with Speaker EQ, 2-Band DRC, and DC Protection: Larger output FETs and reduced RDSON make the TAS5715 ideal for driving 4-Ω loads and delivering higher power with improved thermal performance. The device’s advanced audio processing coupled with direct-connect I²S support reduces system cost and improves audio performance.
Resources: Data sheet, evaluation module

  • Up to 8 speaker EQ BQs per channel allow the sound to be "tuned" to a desired level or deliver high-quality audio out of low-performing/low-cost speakers and enclosures
  • Up to 7-biquads per channel with 2-band DRC

TAS5715: Price (1ku): $2.25 – $2.50

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POWER TIP #28: Estimating Transient Temperature Rise in a Hot-Swap
,” by Robert Kollman. Power Management DesignLine, October 2010.
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Pose Electric/Magnetic Isolation Challenges,” by Frank Forster. Automotive DesignLine, October 2010.
BAKER’S BEST: Absorb Current Spikes and Noise with a Simple Technique,” by Bonnie Baker. EDN, October 2010.
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