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Zigbee® Smart Energy Home Area Network
Learn more about the exciting smart grid application called the ZigBee Smart Energy Home Area Network, or HAN. ZigBee Smart Energy technology from TI enables users to be “smart” about their energy consumption.

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Hardware & Software
New! First dual-mode single-chip solution delivering ANT+™ and Bluetooth® connectivity
The CC2567 device, the first wireless, single-chip solution TI recently introduced the CC2567 device, the first wireless, single-chip solution that enables direct short-range communication between ultra low-power, ANT+-enabled devices and commonly used mobile devices relying on Bluetooth technology such as PCs, Smartphones and tablets.
Watch the demo video of TIs ANT+™ and
Bluetooth® Health & Fitness Aggregator Kit
Sneak-peek: Wireless Headphone Reference Design

From CES 2011, Joe Desposito of Electronic Design magazine talks with Erling Simensen of Texas Instruments about the upcoming PurePath™ wireless headphone reference design and development kit. The headphone reference design and development kit will be available in April 2011. Keep an eye out for more information on www.ti.com/purepathwireless

Watch the video
New version of PurePath™ Wireless audio Configurator software
PurePath™ Wireless Configurator is a PC tool used to generate firmware for CC8520 and to program it. Some of the enhancements in the new version are; more robust RF links with improved packet integrity checking, new EHIF commands for production pairing and host-controlled non-volatile data storage (2 x 32-bit) using the integrated virtual EEPROM, and the ability of CC8520 to act as an input port expander for MCU’s with low pincount. See changelog in the help menu for more details.
For more information, visit www.ti.com/ppwc.
Tip of the month: PurePath Wireless Configurator has an extensive built-in help function. To get help on a specific panel, control or other section of the PurePath Wireless Configurator, move the mouse cursor over it and hit F1.
CC2530ZNP – ZigBee® Network Processor

The new CC2530ZNP provides a simple, off-the-shelf ZigBee® solution without requiring designers to learn the complexities of a full ZigBee stack. The CC2530ZNP also allows customers the flexibility to use their existing host processor to run application code while the CC2530ZNP supports the networking component of the system. Target applications include home and building automation, industrial monitoring and control, sensor networks and telehealth. For more product information, see www.ti.com/cc2530ZNP. For more information on TI’s ZigBee solutions, visit www.ti.com/zigbee

New low cost ZigBee® Development Kit
CC2530ZNP ZigBee Network Processor mini kit The CC2530ZNP ZigBee® Network Processor mini kit is the perfect introduction to wireless networking. The kit includes a ZigBee network processor and an MSP430 application processor with loads of software examples to demonstrate wireless sensor applications. The sensor applications include temperature, light, and acceleration sensors. For more information go to www.ti.com/cc2530ZNP
SmartRF™ Flash Programmer version 1.10.2
  • New USB Driver with support for Windows 64 bits Operating systems.
  • The user interface has been changed to make the difference between programming of the RF Device (SoC) and programming of the Evaluation Board MCU more intuitive.
  • New feature to automatically detect and update firmware of Evaluation Boards.
  • New feature to erase the flash memory.
Technical Documents
AN095 Continuous data streaming applications using serial synchronous mode

This application note describes register settings to configure CC1100, CC1100E, CC1101, CC1150, CC2500, and CC2550 radios in serial synchronous mode, which allows continuous transmission over a wireless channel using each radio’s two-wire serial interface.

CC1101-CC1190EM 869MHz Reference Design

The CC1101-CC1190EM 869MHz reference design contains schematics and layout files for the CC1101-CC1190EM 869MHz evaluation module. The RF section has been designed and characterized for operation in the 869.4 – 869.65 MHz frequency sub-band (g3).

AN094 Using CC1190 Front End with CC1101 under EN 300 220

This application note outlines the expected performance when using a CC1101-CC1190 design under EN 300 220-1 V2.3.1in the 869.4-869.65 MHz frequency sub-band (g3).

Analog Signal Chain Guide
Analog Signal Chain Guide Download TI’s new Analog Signal Chain Guide to view selection tables and featured product overviews for the industry’s broadest portfolio of signal chain devices, which target a wide variety of applications from industrial, medical, communications, audio, consumer and computing.
Developer’s News
Elbrys Announces First Continua Certified™ Wireless Aggregation Manager for Telehealth based on TI platform

The complete telehealth aggregation manager solution combines technological advancements from Elbrys and TI to achieve new wireless medical use cases that make patient care less intrusive, more efficient and easier. Whether designing a device that transfers vital patient data wirelessly to a smart-phone, accessing critical archived data or enabling housebound patients to teleconference with their physicians for better care. The wireless components are TI’s WiLink™ 6.0 (WL1271) single-chip connectivity combo solution supporting 802.11, Bluetooth®, Bluetooth low energy and ANT+™ connectivity, as well as ZigBee® connectivity through the CC2531 single-chip system-on-chip (SoC) with USB interface.

Watch the demo video of Elbry’s Wireless Aggregation Manager from CES 2011
ZigBee®-based TSB-SPHERAhospital system to provide clinical security, location, tracking and monitoring of patients and assets in hospital.
TSB Technologies for Health and Wellbeing TSB Technologies for Health and Wellbeing has been selected to provide the new Hospital La Fe in Valencia, Spain, with an infrastructure to achieve real time tracking, monitoring and location of patients. The TSB-SPHERAhospital will operate automatically by using the SPHERAone ZigBee®-based technology with location algorithms developed by TSB. The solution is developed on web technology, which easily turns any computer into a client with access to the information. More than 1.000 installed beacons and 3.000 tags will be part of the system, including mobile parts, all of them with TI’s ZigBee chipsets inside.
Radiocrafts offers free RF module plug-in boards to the TI Smart Metering Board
RC2400HP As a partnering company with Texas Instruments, Radiocrafts offers free RF module plug-in boards to the TI Smart Metering Board, providing users with a quick and easy access to wireless metering. The plug-in board can be delivered with Radiocrafts’ compact and easy to use RC1180-MBUS (Wireless M-Bus) or RC2400HP (ZigBee) RF module solutions that are compatible with the Smart Metering Board and SmartRF05.
If you would like to get a free sample of Radiocrafts’ RF module plug-in board, please send an email with your contact details to sales@radiocrafts.com for your free sample (one per company/customer).
Anaren extends its new AIR Radio Module Family with ETSI-compliant units designed for European applications

Anaren, Inc. has added two new members to its fast-growing line of Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules. In order to meet operating demands and compliance requirements specific to the European market, the AIR line now includes ETSI-compliant models A1101R08A (embedded antenna) and A1101R08C (connectorized). Like all AIR modules, the new units offer the simplicity, cost-savings, and fast time-to-market advantages of an all-in-one, plug and play radio…with no extensive RF experience required. The AIR module product family leverages Anaren’s 40+ years in microwave/RF technology and Texas Instruments’ semiconductor technology.

Bluetooth® low energy, Zigbee® + Wi-Fi® technologies enable connected, personal healthcare
Bluetooth® low energy, Zigbee® + Wi-Fi® technologies If you missed the live webinar on December 2nd; it is now available as a webcast at www.ti.com/wirelesspresentations. In this on demand webinar In-Stat, TI, Intuitive Health, and the Continua Health Alliance gathered for a discussion on the future role of wireless connectivity in personal healthcare.
Telehealth Aggregation Managers — Choosing the right semiconductor solutions and wireless technologies for your personal connected health system
Telehealth Aggregation Managers This on demand webinar addresses how advances in semiconductor technology, including embedded processing, power management and wireless connectivity, can help you accelerate your telehealth aggregation manager system design and which tools are available to facilitate your design process.
Other News
TI’s RF Front Ends on EDN’s list of Hot 100 product

On December 15th EDN presented its list of Hot 100 products that in 2010 heated up the electronics world and grabbed the attention of its editors and readers. Texas Instruments’ CC1190 RF sub-1 GHz and CC2590/1 RF 2.4-GHz range extenders were two of the selected products.

Read EDN’s article on range extenders
TI’s CC2540: Best low-power Bluetooth® solution of the year

TI’s CC2540 Bluetooth low energy solution was one of the winners in EN-Genius 2010 Product of the Year. The awards are given for exceptional product releases throughout 2010, selected on the basis of their technical merit and likelihood of market success.

Streaming music through Bluetooth® solutions with Stellaris® microntroller performance

During its CES demonstration in Las Vegas in early January, TI gave a sneak peak as to how its Bluetooth solutions group will leverage the performance of its Stellaris 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M3 microcontroller. The demonstration allowed conference attendees using iPhones, Android phones, and even Blackberries to wirelessly stream their music to a pair of speakers connected to the Stellaris LM3S9B96 development kit. The solution was enabled by a Stellaris LM3S9B96 running a Bluetooth 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate compliant software from Stonestreet One and a Panasonic BT module called the PAN1315. For more information on the PAN1315 module or the CC2560, Texas Instruments’ Host Controller Interface (HCI) solutions, go here and keep your eye out for more information on Stellaris + Bluetooth solutions!

Karl’s Bluetooth® low energy blog Karl’s Bluetooth low energy blog
Get the latest news and updates on Bluetooth® low energy. Check out Karl’s Bluetooth low energy blog on the TI e2e community.
Award Ceremony – Bluetooth Innovation World Cup 2010
The winner of the international Bluetooth innovation competition will be presented at the official award ceremony, taking place at the ispo 11 sporting goods conference February 6-9 in Munich, Germany. The Innovator of the Year 2010 will receive a prize worth $50,000 USD. Texas Instruments is an official partner of the Bluetooth Innovation World Cup.
Wearable Technologies Conference, February 7, Munich, Germany

Running alongside the ispo 11, the WT conference will take place in Munich on February 7. Listen to international speakers presenting the latest developments and future opportunities within the field of Wearable Technologies. TI’s Volker Prueller will be presenting the topic “Integrating Bluetooth low energy technology in sports equipment”. Sign up for the conference at www.wearable-technologies-conference.de

Meet TI at the Mobile World Congress 2011

Visit TI at stand 8A84, Hall 8 at the Mobile World Congress 2011, February 14-17 in Barcelona, Spain.
Meet with our wireless connectivity experts and see demos encompassing Bluetooth®, Bluetooth low energy, ANT+™, RF4CE, ZigBee®, WiFi® and more.
See you there!

For more information check out www.ti.com/mwc2011
Texas Instruments Technology Days 2010 – Join us for a day packed with technical design seminars and technology exhibits
Texas Instruments Technology Days 2010 The IC training is aimed at providing a learning forum for design engineers where practical high-performance solutions, tools and workshops are presented for analog and digital technologies. The exhibits demonstrate the latest TI technology. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with a number of Texas Instruments’ experts and gain valuable ideas for solving your technical challenges!
Keep an eye out for the 2011 TechDays at www.ti.com/techdays. Coming soon!
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