Texas Instruments in Copenhagen was established with the acquisition of Toccata Technology, developing high-end digital audio amplifiers, in March 2000. The site is located in Lyngby, just north of Copenhagen, and is now involved in the following business areas:

Business units

  1. Home Audio Amplifiers

  2. Low-Power RF

  3. Education Technology (calculators)

  4. Sales and applications

Texas Instruments Denmark A/S
Lyngby Hovedgade 4
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Telephone number 
(+45) 96 34 68 68

Fax number:
(+45) 38 88 78 99

For questions regarding calculators, please see "Education Technology" section.

 Home Audio Amplifiers

TI in Copenhagen includes a team which is part of TI's Home Audio Amplifiers Group.

We develop, promote, and implement ICs and solutions for digital amplifiers for all relevant audio markets – from automotive, portable equipment and PC equipment to mini/micro system, home theater, and high-end products. Our technology is recognized in the audio industry for unique sound and design qualities.

The primary development of digital amplifiers is done in close cooperation between the development units in Copenhagen and Dallas.

The main activities in Copenhagen are focused on technology development, IC system specification, IC design, development of reference designs and EVMs, and customer support.

 Low-Power RF

In the TI Copenhagen office we have a team of engineers working for the TI Low-Power RF product line which offers cost-effective low-power RF solutions for short-range applications in the Sub-1 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands.

The Copenhagen team works on development of new and advanced system solutions for the low-power RF market in a close co-operation with our colleagues in Norway and in the US. We are involved in all product development stages from architectural specification, HW design & implementation of Systems-on-Chip IC's to design & implementation of firmware and SW applications.

 Education Technology (Calculators & Software)

E&PS (calculators) is represented in Denmark by a country area manager.

The distribution in Denmark takes place through a few large distributors and via school dealers through primary schools, gymnasiums and universities.

Please also see:

School contacts:
(+45) 61 46 54 08

Students and other contacts: 
(+45) 38 18 19 56

International free number:
008 004 84 22737 (= 008 004 TI CARES)


 Sales and application

Our sales and technical support team works closely together with customers to provide the best possible solutions. Sales and support must be contacted via our distributors. Take a look at www.ti.com to find products and distributors.