Cable Modem, Set Top Box and Video Gateway Solutions : DOCSIS 3.0 Data, Voice and Video Solutions

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Product Bulletin:

  • Puma 5 Product Bulletin
    10 Sep 2008  (673.7k)

White Papers:

  • Upwardly Mobile: Cable Operators Moving Up to DOCSIS 3.0

Press Releases:

  • Texas Instruments extends Puma 5 family of DOCSIS® 3.0 chipsets with next generation set-top-box and video gateway front end solution
  • Texas Instruments powered Cable Modems achieve DOCSIS® 3.0 certification from CableLabs®
  • Texas Instruments delivers on the promise of DOCSIS® 3.0 with its Puma 5 family
  • Texas Instruments introduces industry’s first DOCSIS® 3.0-based solution, enabling quick market deployment for cable operators

The Puma 5 family of cable modem and set-top-box (STB) chipsets provides a flexible and scalable platform on which equipment manufacturers can build systems for compelling next-generation video, voice and data service offerings. With DOCSIS 3.0 line speeds starting at 160 megabits per second (Mbps) and accelerating upward to 320 Mbps and higher speeds, the Puma 5 family has the flexibility and agility to support a wide range of current and next-generation applications.

Beyond the basic data-centric cable modem applications like high-speed Internet access, Puma 5 chipsets have the resources for higher-end applications such as voice-oriented embedded multimedia terminal adapter (EMTA) applications and market-leading digital IP-based video (IPTV). The simple re-configurability of the Puma 5 platform means that equipment manufacturers can offer operators the ability to deploy the DOCSIS 3.0 capabilities today and be assured that they will be able to cost-effectively upgrade their service offerings later when demand for compelling new services like IPTV increases.

Multi-Channel DOCSIS 3.0 Scalability

The chipsets that comprise the Puma 5 family have been optimized to meet the cost and performance requirements of the most prevalent market segments in the cable industry. Puma 5 chipsets include:

  • TNETC4800 for EMTA applications
  • TNETC4810 for cost-sensitive EMTA applications
  • TNETC4820 for advanced STB and multimedia applications
  • TNETC4830 for optimized data cable modem applications
  • TNETC4840 for data and video applications