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TI Technology Days

Upcoming TI Technology Days 2011

Use this opportunity to attend technical training sessions and workshops and interact with TI experts! Visit to find a location near you.

Bluetooth Innovation World Cup 2011

Bluetooth Innovation World Cup 2011,
May 1, 2011 – February 2012

TI is the title sponsor of the Bluetooth Innovation WorldCup and will give out free Bluetooth® low energy development kits to the first 20 developers who submit prototypes for the competition. Developers who submit prototypes after the free kits are gone will be offered a 50 percent price discount. The Bluetooth SIG will begin accepting entries for this year’s contest on May 1, 2011.

Past Events

2011 eHealth Virtual Conference, March 16, 2011

2011 eHealth Virtual Conference, March 16, 2011

The area of connected medical devices continues to grow, with new innovative applications powered by embedded and mobile technology appearing daily. OpenSystems Media presented the first eHealth Virtual Conference, with experts gathered from across the industry to discuss ideas and trends in wireless, security, innovation, and the present and future state of medical device design as the embedded community sees things. View TI presentations.

DesignMed Europe

DesignMed Europe, March 22 – 24, 2011

Visit us at DesignMed Europe, the new conference and exhibition for the medical electronics sector. This innovative new event caters to the particular needs of electronic design and manufacturing engineers engaged in designing and producing electronic medical systems.

2011 DesignMed Conference

DesignMed Tokyo Japan, June 29 – 30, 2011

Taking place alongside MedTec Japan, is the new conference and exhibition for the medical electronics sector. This innovative new event caters to the particular needs of electronic design and manufacturing engineers engaged in designing and producing electronic medical.


Archived Webinars

Miniature motion control for medical devices

As medical devices have become smaller and mobile solutions continue to expand, motion control solutions have been keeping pace by delivering new innovations, smaller footprint packages and lower power systems. But the key with new solutions for miniature motion control is a much higher level of integration of the motion subsystem into the medical device itself. This webcast looks at how the latest motion control technology is being applied to miniature motion applications, the trends shaping development and how technology is contributing to innovations in medical and surgical tools.

How to choose the right semiconductor solution for your flexible, low-power ultrasound system design

This webinar will address how analog, digital, mixed-signal and power management semiconductor solutions can help you achieve your ultrasound system design goals and which tools are available to facilitate and speed the design process.

Choosing the right IC solution for power-efficient, portable ECG system designs

ECG and patient monitoring system designers are facing the challenge of designing portable, compact and affordable ECG systems that make it easier for doctors to monitor vital parameters for accurate clinical data, while increasing patient comfort with devices that can be easily carried, concealed or worn and remotely monitored. Choosing the right semiconductor technologies can help to address these challenges with integrated, low power components and tools that simplify designs and shorten time to market.

BLE, ZigBee® + Wi-Fi technologies enable connected, personal healthcare

This webinar brings together industry experts from In-Stat, TI, the Continua Health Alliance and Intuitive Health to examine how BLE, ZigBee and Wi-Fi technologies are working together to transform the personal healthcare industry and spur new use cases outside of the mobile realm.

Telehealth Aggregation Managers – Choosing the right semiconductor solutions and wireless technologies for your personal connected health system

The Telehealth Aggregation Manager (AM) is an essential device in the connected health system enabling personal health devices to log data in a remote Electronic Health Record (EHR) for family and clinical review. Choosing the right semiconductor solutions and wireless technologies simplifies design, addresses interoperability concerns and shortens time-to-market.

This webinar addresses how advances in semiconductor technology including embedded processing, power management and wireless connectivity can help you accelerate your telehealth aggregation manager system design and which tools are available to facilitate your design process.

Editorial webinar – Speeding design time for Medical Electronics

Join EETimes, TI and industry experts as we explore technology developments in the design of next-generation medical and telehealth devices with a focus on analog signal control and wireless communications.