Take a ride in the driver’s seat with TI’s full-system solutions for connected automotive infotainment

Automotive Infotainment ImageTexas Instruments provides full system solutions for connected automotive infotainment. Our unparalleled solutions combine leading automotive infotainment processors, wireless connectivity solutions and an optimized software ecosystem. We are enabling cost-effective, feature-rich automotive applications such as automotive infotainment head units and rear-seat entertainment devices through the smart integration industry-leading ARM® cores, graphics accelerators, software-defined radio, speech recognition, high-definition video, and vehicle connectivity.

Automotive infotainment processors: Bring stunning visuals and innovative multimedia to the car
TI’s C6000™ "Jacinto" automotive infotainment processors (Jacinto) and automotive-grade OMAP™ mobile processors fuel top-notch visual computing and entertainment capabilities for drivers and passengers alike. The processors include dedicated 3D graphic accelerators and video co-processors that support stimulating HMIs and navigation, as well as full 1080p HD video playback and streaming, driving in-dash or rear-seat multimedia, graphics, user interfaces and multitasking experiences to the next level. TI’s Jacinto automotive infotainment processors integrate a digital signal processor (DSP), enabling automotive original equipment manufacturers to add real-time radio, audio, speech and other innovative capabilities to applications.

TI’s OMAP processors' smart multicore architecture unleashes the high-performance and low-power capabilities necessary for collecting and displaying information and multimedia in real time. The C6000 Jacinto and OMAP processors support the industry’s largest number of standards and codecs, including HTML5, which gives automakers the flexibility to upgrade vehicle features and services during an automobile's lifecycle, based on consumer demands.

Wireless connectivity: Make the car a mobile hotspot
With generations of proven success in mobile devices, TI’s automotive-qualified With generations of proven success in mobile devices, TI’s automotive-qualified WiLink™ 7.0 (WL128x-Q) and BlueLink™ 7.0 (BL6450-Q) combo connectivity solutions and are the optimal choice for automotive designs. The WiLink 7.0 solution is the industry first and only integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, GPS and FM technologies in a true single chip for a variety of automotive connectivity options. The WiLink 7.0 solution’s unmatched Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence allows true multitasking for automobiles. For example, the chip can turn a car into a Wi-Fi hotspot, while managing Bluetooth technology phone streaming in parallel, with no connection breaks.

Software ecosystem: Accelerate innovation
TI’s automotive infotainment solution is supported by a rich, infotainment-specific software ecosystem, including multiple high-level operating systems and a diverse developer network aimed at accelerating time to market and ease of design cycles.

Applications for TI’s automotive infotainment solutions:


Availability Disclaimer
TI’s Jacinto and OMAP™ processors are intended for high-volume automotive OEMs and are not available through distributors. If your company meets this description, please contact your TI sales office.