Pricing and Availability

Texas Instruments provides budgetary pricinginventory status and distributor availability in United States Dollars.
There are 3 options for finding pricing and availability information:

Option 1: "I have a part number."

Enter your part number or partial part number. All specific data can be located in the Product Folder for your part number.

Search by Part Number

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Option 2: "I have several part numbers."

Use the myBill of Materials (myBOM) tool to look up and compare all Pricing and Availability information for a list of parts.

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Option 3: "I don't have a part number."

By Product Use the Product Tree to select a part or family of parts. All specific data can be located in the Product Folder for your selected part number. By Application Use the product tree or block diagram to find your part number.

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Pricing Terminology used by Texas Instruments

Budgetary Pricing:

The Suggested Resale Price shown is for BUDGETARY USE ONLY, shown in United States Dollars, and is subject to change.
For volume-specific price, prices in local currency or delivery quotes, please contact your local Texas Instruments Sales Office or Authorized Distributor.

Inventory Status:
  • In Stock-Amount of inventory in the Americas that is available and ready to be shipped at the moment of inquiry.
  • In Progress-Products that are in production or in-transit; these products are not yet available through the Texas Instruments Americas warehouse. The given dates and quantities are estimates.
  • The selected device inventory available at TI Authorized Distributors in your country.

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