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Complete LED Driver IC solutions for LED lighting, LCD backlighting, signage,
information displays, LCD HDTV, automotive lighting and more.

LED Solutions

LED lighting designers are challenged with meeting their efficiency and reliability goals faster in advanced LED lighting designs. LED lighting customers seeking the latest in innovative and affordable LED lighting solutions can benefit from TI?s broad product portfolio of LED drivers, AC/DC, DC/DC, power management devices, wireless and wired interface control and embedded processors. LED designers have the option of not only controlling the power stage, but regulating LED currents as well, eliminating the need for multiple components and reducing system cost.

LED lighting systems can be designed to accurately control voltage and current regulation for precise LED light intensity and color mixing, temperature monitoring to prevent thermal runaway, intelligent/adaptive dimming of the LED, and fault detection (over voltage/current, blown string). Communication with external systems is also possible via power-line communication (PLC), wireless technology or interfaces.

TI's LED lighting portfolio and worldwide technical support network are helping LED designers achieve their goals faster.

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C2000 LED postage

Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit

New low-cost floating-point Piccolo™ MCUs drive energy-efficient, real-time control applications.

Updated LED Reference Design Cookbook

LED Reference Design Cookbook

13 new designs have been added for a total of 30 reference designs for general, backlight and automotive.


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