This site aims to help open source developers find the resources needed to use TI's platforms. TI supports open source initiatives to drive innovation and enable our customers to create market-leading devices.

OMAP™ Application Processors

TI's OMAP™ platform delivers a variety of high performance applications processors with fast, portable power and a robust support network with a software portfolio which includes open source. See the full range of  OMAP-L1x and OMAP35x applications processors as well as the OMAP applications processors for mobile handsets (availability restrictions).

Development platforms


Active developer communities

  • the USB-powered BeagleBoard delivers laptop-like performance and expansion based on the OMAP3530 processor featuring an ARM Cortex-A8
  • for the OMAP3430-based Zoom Mobile Development Kit hardware platform as well as related multimedia libraries and Linux kernel features
  • for the Gumstix Overo Earth motherboard, based on the OMAP3503 processor featuring an ARM Cortex-A8